Polaris Stop Ride/Sale Update: The Fix Is In

2023 Polaris snowmobiles

Great news for owners of Polaris snowmobiles: After months of waiting, the repair for Polaris fuel pumps at the center of a stop ride/stop sale edict have been approved and are being shipped to dealerships.

“Dealers have received the repair instructions, training materials and have the ability to order repair kits,” Polaris’ Jess Rogers said in an email to the snowmobile media on October 13. “Additionally, we have implemented the fix on MY23 SnowCheck snowmobiles and shipments have resumed.” 

In a later email, Rogers added, “To help ensure all dealers have access to repair kits as we ramp up service repairs, Polaris is allocating the repair kit shipments. Dealer will start receiving kits as soon as next week and will continue to receive allocated repair kit shipments regularly as our team continues to kit repair parts as we receive them from our suppliers.”

On August 30, Polaris announced the stop ride/stop sale mandate, saying that 230,000 snowmobiles built between model years 2013 and 2023 should be parked due to a fire hazard related to electrostatic discharge from their Walbro-built in-tank fuel pumps. You can read full details here.

Rogers’ email said that customers “should contact their Polaris-authorized dealer to schedule a free repair service.” She said the sleds should not be ridden until the repairs are made, and if the sled needs to be started (to load it on a trailer to bring it in, for instance) customers should top the tank with fresh fuel before starting it.

Polaris Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Snowmobiles Jenny Nack said in a statement, “We deeply appreciate our owners and dealers for their patience as we have focused on finalizing the repair for this stop ride/stop sale. Our team has been working tirelessly on this solution so our owners can have confidence in their sleds, get on the snow and enjoy the best season of the year.”  

Insiders at Polaris have told us that teams of workers are being scattered throughout the Snowbelt to help dealers process the 10 years worth of recalled sleds as efficiently as possible. With cold weather starting to seep in across the Snowbelt, getting both new and used sleds updated as soon as possible is a major focus.

Polaris offered some updates through the process, including this one in mid September.

13 thoughts on “Polaris Stop Ride/Sale Update: The Fix Is In

  • Avatar for Tim Sargent

    I contacted my dealer on 10 /14/22 they said no appointments could be done because they have no parts nothing could be done

  • Avatar for Dan Stone

    My dealer said they already have 150 sleds people have brought in for the fix but they have only received 4 kits. They said they don’t anticipate being able to fix mine until sometime in December.

  • Avatar for Jeremy

    My dealer hasn’t received any kits yet lmao

  • Avatar for Rowan Hartman

    MY dealer is telling me 80 people in front of me,, I called before list was started,, and now 80 people in front of me,, I have a brand new 22 matryx,, never ridden,, and I am 80 sleds back,, and i bought it new from this dealer,, I think this is crap beings i called before list was ever generated,, I call Polaris and they say supposed to fix 23 snow-checks than new 22 models,, and I talk to dealer to tell them this,, and they talk to polaris tech support and tell the dealer, nope he is mistaken,, do them in any order you like,, again this is crap !!!! MY dealer says supposed to get 40 kits by end of year,, so that puts me in later than december best case scenerio,, maybe not even in jan. Polaris is offering us nothing other than the fix,, my sled is almost paid for and i might not even be able to ride it,, and no warranty extension, no accessories and my dealer is 2 hours away,, very disappointed in this and Polaris,, obviously this has been a problem for 8 years,,,,,

    • Avatar for Jag1980

      I called Polaris to see if there would be any compensation or Goodwill to the people who are paying for a sled they can’t ride. Even some free merchandise from them just to say we appreciate you for your business. And thanks for being patient with us.

  • Avatar for Mike smith

    My dealer said good luck getting it done this year few if any kits are coming in and they are dedicated first to all in-house sleds. 2020 Indy Xc 137 800 $15000 Is now a brick sitting next to my house, thanks Polaris for such great quality control. Never again with Polaris, they suck and many many many of my friends even in Minnesota agree. I ride in NH, or I use to. My dealer says most people just ride the sleds.

  • Avatar for Corey

    I called to set up an appointment 11-18-22. My dealer told me Polaris hasn’t released the parts yet. I have a 2022 switchback assault with 75 miles on it that’s paid for and can’t ride. I should have learned my lesson when I bought my ranger. I’m switching to skidoo. Polaris offers nothing for the inconvenience.

  • Avatar for Jon

    I have 3 of these sleds that need the fix. Dealer has no parts, Polaris hotline is of no assistance. Very disappointing having almost $30k tied up and no consolation. Can’t see buying Polaris again….

    • Avatar for Tim howe

      I would like to know when the class action lawsuit starts . We have the best snow in years and my 3 sleds sit idle not real happy.

  • Avatar for Mike Seegers

    The Consumer Products Commission in Maryland is the agency responsible for the delay in repairs. Blame it on those bureaucrats and Polaris for buying cheap fuel systems.

  • Avatar for Steve Welsh

    I get it. The frustration; the inconvience. I have a sled with 200 miles on. Not fixed either. But with all the things going on in the world today, if this is the worst thing that happens to any of us, it is going to be a good year !! Stay positive !!

  • Avatar for linda langone

    i have contacted 4 dealers in my area all said there kits are not coming till end of march..

  • Avatar for John Renk

    Called dealer again today 1/24/23. They stated that they have 525 sleds on the list and no parts. There is about 6 weeks left in the season, almost no chance of getting to me before the seasons over. I’m going to loose this entire season due to Polaris not being able to provide repair parts.


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