Ski-Doo Recalls 2024 MXZ, Renegades With Pilot X Skis

Ski-Doo sent out an urgent notice this week, recalling certain 2024 MXZ and Renegade models that utilize the Pilot X ski.

     The problem? A certain subset of the left-side Pilot X skis have a manufacturing flaw that could result in them breaking during usage. That would be an unpleasant surprise! Ski-Doo did not provide a number of models affected, as is often the case.

2024 Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS with Competition Package
2024 MXZ and Renegade models with the Pilot X ski, like this Ski-Doo MXZ X-RS with Competition Package 850 E-TEC Turbo R, need to have their left side ski inspected.

     The Pilot X skis in question – and, remember, it’s only left-side skis – are from a mold cavity that stamped “AC2” in small writing into the ski near the spindle mount. Skis are marked AC1, AC2 or AC3. The former and the latter are fine, it’s that middle number that is the problem. Pilot TX skis are in no way affected.

     To check them, a dealer needs to remove the ski and check the stamping. A limited number of replacement parts is currently available, and more are being shipped, according to the Ski-Doo notice.

     Below is text from the bulletin sent to Ski-Doo dealers and distributors on Wednesday, January 31.  


Re: Left ski may break – Risk of crash

Dear BRP Dealer/Distributor,

This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada), the Consumer Product Safety Act (United States) and other applicable laws. BRP has decided that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists in some vehicles and is conducting a safety recall.

What is the potential problem?

Some of the left Pilot X skis may break due to a molding process issue at the supplier. Only the left skis from mold cavity AC2 are affected. This condition could cause a loss of control and serious injuries or even death.

Which models are involved?

Certain Model Year 2024 Ski-Doo MXZ and Renegade snowmobiles.

What is the solution?

● BRP will repair, without cost, the involved vehicles.

● The repair is to inspect the left ski and if required, to replace the ski.

● It will take less than one hour to complete.

● In Canada and in the United States, a limited quantity of parts is available. In other countries, parts will be available starting from February 8, 2024. Parts will be released progressively, upon availability, to ensure an even distribution across the network.

● BRP is also looking at the availability of the Pilot 5.7 skis as an additional alternative for repair. More details to be provided.

● Parts sold as service parts are not part of this recall notice.


What should you do?

● Read the Safety Campaign Bulletin 2024-5.

● Refer to Campaign Monitoring to validate involved vehicle serial numbers.

● Contact all of your customers who purchased an affected vehicle. You must inform your customers about:

○ The safety recall

○ The instructions below as to the use of their vehicle.

BRP recommends that customers avoid using their vehicle until the safety recall is completed. You need to remove the ski to have access to the mold identification code AC2. Proper reinstallation is required. Do NOT proceed with an inspection yourself.

What will BRP do for customers?

● Within direct markets: BRP will send a safety recall letter to all known registered owners.

● Within distributor markets: BRP is notifying its distributors. The distributors are then responsible to deploy the safety recalls in their respective markets and must follow all legal requirements.

● Information for customers will be posted on the Ski-Doo public websites.

BRP prides itself on being an industry leader and providing you, as well as our customers, with the very best information so we can collectively preserve the reputation of our products.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your customers.


BRP Customer Services Department

3 thoughts on “Ski-Doo Recalls 2024 MXZ, Renegades With Pilot X Skis

  • Avatar for Steve

    Does skidoo mark their skis to be left or right?

  • Avatar for Justin

    The pilot x skis have a spot for an additional runner on the outside edge so technically yes.

  • Avatar for Luc Pinsonneault

    Curious What was the date that this was sent out to dealers.


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