New Snowmobile Safety Videos Are Entertaining, Informative And Fun

Snowmobile safety can easily be seen as a stodgy, boring topic — let’s face it, safety lectures about almost any topic can seem as exciting as mashed potatoes. But the snowmobile manufacturers, with the help of some big-league industry insiders, have turned that reasoning on its ears with a new, multi-chapter Safe Riders! video series, launched recently on youtube and the snowmobile manufacturers website, and available to safety instructors, youth in training and to riders like you and me. 

Some of the new Safe Riders! videos were unveiled at an exclusive event earlier this fall, where we grew to appreciate the new format. To replace the highly dated, hour-long, dull video created in the mid 1990s, the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) worked with International Snowmobile Hall of Fame photographer Wayne Davis, veteran writer Michael Dapper and video shooter Brody Boese to create a series of video chapters, all between 1 and 3 minutes long to match the short-attention-span world in which we currently live. 

It was a big project, but seeing some of the results was frankly quite inspiring, with positive messages, professional voice-overs, new sleds and great video. Here’s chapter one below.  


Davis said there will be 19 chapters in all, and 13 of them are now completed and available on youtube. The videos were shot with the assistance of the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce, according to ISMA’s Ed Klim. 

Here’s a look at Chapter 10 on snowmobile clubs (below). As you’ll see, the information is often common sense to veteran riders, but the videos and the messages are both really good, and you never know when you’ll pick up some knowledge. Check them out.  


Here’s a recent press release on the video series from ISMA. 


Safe Riders! video chapters are up and running on the ISMA Website!

HASLETT, MI,:   The snowmobile manufacturers are pleased to announce that the Safe Riders! You Make Snowmobiling Safe® safety campaign is celebrating its 24th year of helping to educate snowmobilers to keep safety at the top of their minds while out riding.   The campaign will continue to feature the Safe Riders! poster series, safety brochures, decals, and Snowmobiling Fact Book that we distribute free of charge to safety instructors throughout North America. 

We are excited about the expansion of the Safe Riders! program with the addition of the new Safe Riders! video chapter series featuring 13 separate video chapters on snowmobiling lifestyle and safety related guidelines and practices.  The chapters are each 1-3 minutes in length and can be viewed or downloaded from the ISMA website .  The chapters can be viewed from our website through our YouTube channel, or, if needed you can download the segments to be used off your own computer. 

The video chapters cover the following subjects:

  1. Snowmobile Lifestyle
  2. Getting Started in Snowmobiling
  3. Impaired Riding
  4. Snowmobile Avalanche Preparedness
  5. Snowmobile Operation
  6. Hand signals while snowmobiling
  7. Snowmobiling on Trails and Respecting Private Property
  8. Snowmobile Preparation
  9. Snowmobile Apparel
  10. Snowmobile Clubs and Associations
  11. Locating Snowmobiling Riding Areas
  12. Trailering for snowmobilers
  13. Snowmobilers Ethics

The new video chapter series is very inclusive and is available for use immediately.

The Safe Riders! program has positively influenced, educated, and informed hundreds of thousands of snowmobilers around the world and we have distributed millions of posters, decals, brochures, and Fact Books to the snowmobile community throughout the 24-year history of the campaign. 

We are now distributing Safe Riders! information to clubs, associations and safety trainers.  If your club or association would like to obtain our free collateral materials, please contact the ISMA office at to get a copy of our order form.  Just fill it out and fax, email or snail mail it back to the office and we can send you the items you are interested in for your use this snowmobiling season.

We are looking forward to a great safe snowmobiling season.


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