Video Brief: The Dynamix System On The 2025 Polaris Indy VR1

We took a trailside break at the recent Rode Reports testing event, strippped off the body work and shared a bit of inside information on the Dynamix suspension system. It’s an option on 2025 Polaris Indy VR1 models. After we shot the video, we continued riding and found more of the magic behind the shocks. We could huck the snowmobile up into the air over rises and it didn’t bottom upon landing because the IMU sensed the motion and stiffened the suspension.


3 thoughts on “Video Brief: The Dynamix System On The 2025 Polaris Indy VR1

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    No offense snowgoer but let’s talk about the elephant on the trail, I know you guys keep hyping up polaris’s new sleds and all these new features and improvements, but how about doing all of us a favor who have been polaris faithfuls who have spent HARD EARNED money to buy them even during covid to keep people employed working and feeding their families and address that polaris has to do something for us who kept them going rather than “Stoprides and recalls ” and offer those of us some better than a “We’re sorry but we will send you some stickers for your inconvenience ” as I told customer service where polaris can stick the stickers, how about an extra year or 2 warranty ? How about telling dealers to give better trade in values if you want to keep us as customers. If they think they build a better product PROVE IT ,if they don’t have faith and pride in what they build and sell then just be honest with people so that they and I can move on and jump ship to a manufacturer who will stand behind what they build and sell.

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    I forgot to ask , if Polaris owns WER then why didn’t WER develope the new electronic shock instead of Fox ? It’s like chevy installing Ford motors in their vehicles, or vise versa, Fox is their competitors aren’t they? It’s also like FXR sold at polaris dealers when polaris owns KLIM ,it doesn’t make sense to fund your competitors, but hey what’s happening at polaris doesn’t make sense anyways, just a thought.

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    Good points Smyles.

    Loyal Polaris fan since 1968 (first sled) but no more great reliable high performance affordable sleds.

    Need to go back to real test riders testing real sleds 12 months a year in Roseau and Manitoba, no stupid BS simulated computer testing.. Like Ed Monsrud, Bob Eastman, Stan Hayes.

    Need to go back to hiring real local people from MN and Manitoba on the factory assembly line.


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