LS2 FF387 helmet
The LS2 FF 387 full-face helmet in Split Black graphics. Solid colors and other Split graphics are also available.

You might not know about LS2 helmets, but you will probably be hearing more about them because they’re solid products with really good value. Made by Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd., a Hong Kong company with factories in China that annually produce more than 2 million helmets for sale worldwide, LS2 offers a full product line. Allwin Powersports Corporation of Aurora, Illinois, is the North American importer and distributor of LS2.

The first thing I noted when I put on the LS2 FF 387 helmet was that it fit me perfectly and felt exceptionally comfortable on my head. The chin bar is just long enough that I didn’t feel overly confined like with some helmets from the Pacific Rim. Eyeglass fit is pretty snug but adequate. Sideways peripheral vision is excellent, but the tall chin bar – more than 4 inches without the wind deflector installed – does restrict downward vision. Nevertheless, overall outward vision is at least average.

The one bummer with this helmet is the lack of enough face shield detents. There’s only one detent half-way between fully open and fully closed, and it leaves the shield too far open to ride with it in that position. I didn’t have any fogging issues with the LS2 FF 387 shield fully shut, chin bar vents open and the chin curtain removed like I always do, but I didn’t get to try it in any really cold weather or other seriously adverse conditions. Still, that’s where the electric shield option, available factory installed or added later, comes into play.

I really enjoyed wearing this helmet while riding because it feels great on my head and looks great, too. I could concentrate on riding rather than get distracted by wind noise, and there was no difficulty operating the chin strap closure, two problems that generally plague snow helmets in this price range. Shield sealing in the closed position is outstanding. I had absolutely zero issues with cross-winds infiltrating to freeze my face, or any other air leaks anywhere on the perimeter of the shield. And because I set it up without the breath deflector, it was still possible to talk intelligibly with my riding companions without taking the helmet off, a problem that definitely affects all helmets with breathing apparatus on the face.

The LS2 model FF 387 Full Face Snow helmet has a very solid feel throughout and numerous nice features rarely, if ever, found in this price range. A nicely styled aerodynamic fiberglass outer shell combines with a foam inner shell and a moisture-wicking, fully removable and washable head liner to provide DOT-certified protection. Weight is just slightly more than 3 pounds for a size XL, a tad lighter than usual for this type of hard hat. And the FF 387 has a 5-year warranty, something that is unheard of in this price range.

The optically correct, dual-lens face shield is a no-tool design with a locking mechanism for quick, easy changes and effective shield retention once installed. An electric shield with a two-piece locking cord and self-adhesive cord retainer is also available. A breath deflector is included for those inclined to use one. The electric shield is available for $119.95, or in a kit to upgrade a street bike helmet to snow use with the heated shield, two-piece cord with a locking junction, breath deflector and balaclava for $145.95.

So overall, the LS2 FF 387 is a real champion despite lacking enough face shield detents because it offers so much more than usual in so many other areas. If you are looking for reasonably priced head protection with good performance, the LS2 FF 387 should definitely be on your shopping list. And if a modular helmet is more your style, see the October 2014 issue of Snow Goer magazine for my report on the LS2 FF 386 modular helmet.

LS2 FF387 From $169.95
Allwin Powersports Corp.
Aurora, Illinois

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    I got a zoan optimus ll and had nothing but problems with the heated shield


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