Haydays Bargain: Cut Rate Sub Offer Online This Weekend Only

While we’d love to see as many of our readers as possible at the Haydays Grass Drags this weekend near North Branch, Minnesota, we realize that it’s not exactly an easy or convenient trip for many snowmobilers. But why should you miss out on some of the great deals of Haydays just because you live 500-plus miles away, or because you feel forced to attend a Bar Mitzvah of your neighbor’s day-care provider’s cousin?

What we’re saying is this: You can get in on a great Haydays subscription offer to Snow Goer magazine right here online – but the deal basically only stretches through this weekend, so you’ve have to act quickly.

For the rest of the year, our regular subscription rate to Snow Goer magazine is $16.97 – still a great bargain to get 7 issues mailed to your house (66 percent off the newsstand price).

But this weekend only, to celebrate Haydays and the unofficial start of winter, the price will be just $10, if and only if you use this link.

Act quickly, because this deal ends early next week, soon after the Haydays dust settles.


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