Friday Quiz: Who Are These Historic Oval Racers?

In this week’s Friday Quiz on, test your knowledge of oval racing by seeing how many of these racers you can identify without their helmets on. Each photo was scanned from the 1993 Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby 30th Anniversary Collectors Yearbook. Some, but certainly not all, competed in the ’90s; others were recognized in the yearbook for past accomplishments on oval tracks. Yes, a lot of the shots are grainy — hey, you didn’t want us to make this too easy, did you?

Post your guesses in the “comments” box below if you wish, or just challenge your friends. The answers are posted on the Oval Racing board here on, deep in the thread. Don’t peek until you’ve made your guesses!

Person 1



person 2


Person 3


person 4


Person 5


Person 6


Person 7






2 thoughts on “Friday Quiz: Who Are These Historic Oval Racers?

  • Avatar for Greg Peterson

    Guy Useldinger North Dakota

    Tony Ave Wisconsin

    Steve Houle Minnesota

    Gary Vessair Ontario

    Mike Trapp Wisconsin

    One of the Goodwin Brothers Illinois believe it’s the one Al Fenhaus filled in for

    Bob Elsner Minnesota Durmont Wahl was his mechanic

  • Avatar for Kevin Hooper

    I’ll take a guess at it….

    Guy Usildinger, Bob Anderson, Steve Houle, Gary Vessair, Mike Trapp, Greg Goodwin, Bob Elsner


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