Fantasy Sports, Our Style: The Snowmobile Racing Challenge Game Returns


Enough already with the DraftKings and FanDuel commercials, claiming we can make $7 million by guessing correctly that Miami’s backup running back is somehow going to score twice next weekend… it’s time to re-apply fantasy sports to things that really matter — like snowmobile racing!

Snow Goer (and it’s dearly-departed former sister magazine Snow Week) has been hosting fantasy games based on sled racing results for better than a decade (including a time when we had to hand-score the darn entries — now THAT was time consuming!). The last few years, it’s been the Snowmobile Racing Challenge here on And it’s back for the 2015-16 season, starting with the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross race held Thanksgiving Weekend in Duluth, Minnesota. We also plan to host an oval racing challenge once that form of racing gets up and running, based mostly on TLR Cup events, and may do challenges on individual races later in the winter. Tucker Hibbert leads Ross Martin (837) into the first turn at Fargo U.S. Air Force Snocross

Playing the Snow Goer Snowmobile Racing Challenge is free, easy and fun. Players can jump in for a single week or collect points during the full season. There will be a handful of prizes — though keep your expectations low, this is about having fun, challenging fellow snowmobilers and playing for pride more than anything. And, we’ll never ask you for entry fees or risk getting shut down by New York State Attorney General’s office!!

Here’s how to play:

For each race event, players predict the top six in the finishing order in the final Pro Open final in snocross and Pro Champ 440 in ovals.  Those selections are made using pull-down windows that include the names of all expected participants at the event — so you don’t even have to be a racing expect to play. If a player nails a driver to the position they actually finish, they get 20 points for that driver. If, however, they are one position off, the player gets 15 points for that driver, 14 if they finish two positions off, 13 point if three positions off, etc. Points are only earned for drivers who finish in the top six.

eagle parkedAt the end of the weekend, points are tallied and the standings are updated. Then players can make their picks for the following event. Year-end prizes will be given to the points champions, and occasionally during the season we’ll award door prizes as well. There’s no risk, just fun.

Last year, the Snocross title was claimed by Minnesotan Abby Holkko, whose domination in mid-season allowed her to open a big gap and win over second place Tyler Miller by an amazing 27 points. A total of 209 players participated in at least one round of the Snocross challenge last year. The Ovals challenge was claimed by Chris Peters from Ontario, who started strong at Eagle River and then gathered an impressive 90 points in the race round backed on the event in Alexandria, Minnesota, to pull away. The oval challenge had 58 players.

Go ahead and sign up now — again, it’s easy, free and fun. Click here to play. To get a preview of the racers who will be competing at the season-opening snocross race in Duluth, click here.

NOTE TO READERS ON NOV. 25: We are currently experiencing problems with the widget that operates our Snowmobile Racing Challenge. Its developer will fix it on Friday, Nov. 27. Please check back late Friday to make your selections. We thank you for your patience.




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