Behind The Scenes: LaVallee’s Unintended Swim In Superior

With the release of his action video showing him jumping, flying and pulling tricks all over Duluth, Minnesota, on a snowmobile, the sport’s most affable and accomplished stuntman gave an interview to the Duluth News Tribune detailing how he ended up in Lake Superior.

In a must-read article for his fans, Levi LaVallee explained that he was jumping between barges on his snowmobile in Duluth Harbor when a throttle cable problem caused him to lose power just as he was approaching a jump. The end result was an unintended swim in Superior’s icy waters!

“Chunks of ice cushioned my fall,” LaVallee said, laughing, in the Duluth News Tribune article. “Broke a few ribs, got a hip pointer and was pretty beat up after that, but we had a great doctor on staff and he worked on me the following day. He got me back working pretty well. I went from hardly able to walk, feeling like I got hit by a train, to doing lunges by the end of that night and saying, ‘Hey, we’re going to pull this off.’”

The very well done story also goes behind the scenes with Levi’s wife, talking about some of the challenges of being married to high-flying, risk-taking stuntman. The article is so well done that we’re not going to steal any more of their thunder – check it out yourself by clicking here.

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