A Concept For The Future

The Embrio concept vehicle may not ever make it to production, but Bombardier Recreational Products engineers are offering a glimpse at what they think transportation vehicles will look like and how they’re powered in 2025.
The Embrio is similar to the Segway Human Transporter. It’s aimed at the 18 to 45 age group. The Embrio uses a gyroscope and electronic technology. The main power source is a hydrogen fuel cell, which creates more power by mixing hydrogen and oxygen. That concoction can result in having water as the only exhaust.
The Embrio uses one large wheel and two smaller front wheels that come into use when the vehicle is at rest or traveling less than 15 mph.
A complex series of sensors and gyroscopes balance one or more passengers on the single wheel. Other technology includes infrared night vision, an active suspension, a high-performance brake system and robotic assistance.
A digitally encoded key starts the engine. To move forward, drivers activate a trigger on the left handlebar. The brake is on the right side. The “landing gear” in front retracts when the Embrio is traveling more than 15 mph and automatically deploys less than that speed. According to Bombardier, the Embrio would be stable at rest without the landing gear due to the gyroscopes.
The Embrio is made of lightweight materials including polypropylene, aluminum and magnesium. It weighs 360 pounds. There’s no word if Bombardier’s long-term vision for snowmobiles resembles the Embrio, but could hydrogen fuel cell technology be in the works?

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