2011 Ski-Doo MX Zx race sled unveiled

April 16, 2010
In a surprise announcement, Ski-Doo today released details on its 2011 race sled — a full five months earlier than normal. We’ll let you know more as we learn more, but for now, here’s the press release from Ski-Doo:
Valcourt, Quebec April 15, 2010 – BRP is introducing the 2011 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS earlier than past years to make it clear the machine has significant changes to benefit its racers. The two biggest changes are the addition of more horsepower to the engine and a completely new rear suspension.
Despite the success seen on the 2010 race sled — like Tim Tremblay taking the ISOC Pro Stock National snocross series title, Lee Butler winning Pro Stock in CSRA, plus multiple wins and championships in Semi-Pro and Sport classes across all venues — the Engineering team in Valcourt has stepped up with big time improvements for 2011. “In racing you never stop developing your product, and because winning is part of our heritage at BRP, you can expect that we would continue to improve the MX Z race sled to be much better than last year” stated Denis Morin Vice President of Engineering for BRP. “The changes will provide better starts and more speed along with a very controlled ride tailored specifically for race conditions.”
The MX Zx 600RS engine will come with new cylinders and a new combustion chamber shape to significantly improve power at all RPM. Racers will see better acceleration, stronger mid range response and more top-end power as a result of these changes — which leads directly to better holeshots and better pull out of the turns. The clutch calibration has changed substantially to make sure the extra power is delivered to the track, along with quick backshifting and instant throttle response.
The rear suspension is completely new this year — dubbed PCX — this new skidframe is intended for race use only. The PCX features a stronger, re-designed coupling system, new shock motion ratio geometry and the built-in durability a racer demands. In addition to taking the big hits of jumps and bumps, the PCX will deliver better cornering and better holeshots by controlling the chassis pitch more thoroughly throughout the travel, along with improving the sled’s cross-country capability.
“We’re really excited about the changes for 2011,” said Ski-Doo Race Manager Jeff Goodwin. “The new suspension has been a huge step forward and will really make a difference for the racers in all conditions. Combine that with the extra engine power to assure great holeshots and we have a great race sled for next season that will be hard to beat.”
Racers have until May 1, 2010 to complete an application (available online at www.ski-doo.com X-Team home page) for the new MX Zx 600RS.

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