Ultimate Sports Inc. X2 Triple Threat Skis Review

If you want to improve the handling of a Ski-Doo REV, Ultimate Sports Inc. (USI) has the solution with its X2 Triple Threat Skis paired with the Sno-Eater Shark Fins. Riders who want positive control and instant response when they turn the handlebar will dig these skis.

I had to carve only a few corners to realize these boards are more aggressive than the New Pilot skis – which have been original equipment on REVs since 2006 – I had retrofitted on my 2004 Ski-Doo MX Z Renegade 800. The sled turned more confidently and response was quick and predictable with USI’s skis. Turns in parking lots and gas stations were also tighter.

The ski has an aggressive, 1.25-inch-tall center keel for control and two small keels at each outer edge to help the ski track straight. The short tail contributes to quick and tight steering. The X2 is 41 inches long; from bolt-hole center to tip of the tail is 16 inches. For comparison, dimensions of New Pilots are 43.5 inches and 18.5 inches, respectively.

Installation should have been an easy, 10-minute job, but instead it took almost a half-hour. The ski saddle hole and spindle hole didn’t vertically align, so I had to set the machine’s weight on the skis and muscle the parts in place and then pound the bolt through the holes with a mallet. The saddle can be attached to the spindle in one of three positions. The front hole is for improved tracking, the middle is standard and the rear is for competition mode. I used only the middle hole. Another unique feature of the X2 is its fin system.

I experimented with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 fins. Steering effort was too intense with Stage 2, for that reason most of my test miles were logged in the Stage 1 setup, which is best for most trail riders. The ultra-aggressive Stage 3 fin is targeted toward mountain sleds and not recommended for trail riding.

The X2s tracked straight on a freshly groomed trail, most likely because there weren’t any other ski tracks to fall into. The skis darted on well-traveled trails, but not so much that it was annoying. The tracking likely would have improved there if I had mounted the skis through the front hole.

A set of skis, mounts, handles, fins and 6-inch carbide wear bars retails for $494.97. An informal comparison shows that the price of this ski kit is on par with other aftermarket skis while its level of traction is a step above.

Ultimate Sports Inc.
Lafayette, Indiana

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