BRP Carbon Light Snowmobile Helmet Review

I’ve been testing a BRP XP-R Carbon Light Blaze snowmobile helmet this snowmobile season and realized a few great features about it.

Lite-Brite: The BRP XP-R Carbon Light Blaze snowmobile helmet is super light and really bright.

Bright Orange Color: You can’t miss this helmet’s blazing bright orange color. I’m a proponent of orange snowmobile helmets because their visibility is unmatched by any other color that I’ve seen on snow. This helps riders see my head bob and sway as I make my way down the trail, which makes me safer by helping avoid a collision, and making trailing riders safer so they can “read” what lay ahead based on my head’s movement. Over the years, I haven’t seen a helmet with a color and finish that stands out as well as the BRP XP-R Carbon Light Blaze snowmobile helmet. If you’re into a more subtle color scheme, the helmet is also available black or bronze.

Super Light: While I haven’t weighed this helmet and compared it to older helmets that are on the shelf in my basement, I’m confident this is the lightest snowmobile helmet I’ve ever strapped on my skull. As indicated by a sticker on the back of the helmet, BRP claims the helmet weighs just 1,250 grams. It has a 100 percent carbon fiber composite shell. With less weight, there’s less stress on the neck and shoulders so there’s less fatigue. For some sensitive helmet users, this might help reduce headaches and other discomfort. A drawback of this lightweight construction is that it’s not Snell approved, which means it might not be legal to wear for racing; check with your circuit’s officials. The XP-R Carbon Light snowmobile helmet is DOT approved, however.

At a claimed 1,250 grams, the BRP XP-R Carbon Light reduces neck and shoulder fatigue.

Quiet: Motocross helmets are typically noisier than full-face helmets. Their protruding visor and pointy chin bar doesn’t cut through the air as well, and that makes more noise. But the XP-R Carbon Light snowmobile helmet is impressively quiet — even at high speeds — and quieter than any open-face snowmobile helmet I’ve worn. Less noise means less stress and fewer distractions so a snowmobiler can enjoy the ride.

The BRP XP-R Carbon Light snowmobile helmet is available at Ski-Doo dealers and retails for $449.99.

— Andy Swanson Snow Goer magazine managing editor


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