Much like an uncomfortable pair of golf shoes can make for a bad day on the links, cheap snowmobile goggles can cause a tough day on the trail. You can’t see clearly, eyes water and the face suffers frost-bite. But if you pull on a pair of 509 Sinister Goggles, eyewear will be the least of your concerns. This is premium-quality eye protection.

The 509s were some of the best goggles I’ve worn. They fit comfortably against the contours of my face, the lenses never fogged and my eyes never watered. Another problem with some goggles is fine snow-dust gets drawn in through the vents and collects inside; not so with the Sinisters.

The small frame tucked nicely inside the opening of the HJC and Klim motocross helmets I wore last winter. This led to a comfortable fit that protected my skin and kept clear my view of the trail. The hinged strap mount is a unique feature designed for moto-style helmets. The hinges open to let the breathable foam pad rest against the face and provide a good seal without putting too much pressure against the forehead and cheeks.

Looking through the lens, it puts an orange tint on the terrain. It was best on bright, sunny days and did an extraordinary job of dimming the sunlight’s reflection off of snow. The mirrored exterior looks cool, but with the high gloss, I avoid touching it for fear of scratching it or leaving a fingerprint.

Overall durability of this $75 goggle is great, but the lens exterior has a few light scuffs and scratches that I can see from the inside. Fortunately they’re outside of my field of vision. The frame is strong and flexible and edges are smooth with a clean, glossy finish. The silicone-lined strap is thick and seems durable enough to last through many seasons without stretching and losing its tension.

509 Films
Spokane, Washington

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