2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst Snowmobile Recall

Arctic Cat steering cap
The steering cap is the name for the bracket that is found at the top of the Arctic Cat handlebar mount, being pointed at here with the green pen. Photo provided from Tom Rowland from Thomas Sno Sports after we called him to get some clarification on the part terminology.

Add one more recall to the off-season snowmobile list. The latest is from Arctic Cat/Textron. It is requiring owners of select 2024 Catalyst chassis machines to return to dealerships for service.

The problem? The steering caps that fit over the top of the handlebar within its mount are rather brittle and crack when being tightened.

The official notice filed by Textron through the Consumer Product Safety Commission states, “The steering caps, which are used to hold the handlebar in place, can crack and cause the handlebars to become unstable, posing a crash hazard.”

Arctic Cat has received reports of 95 instances of the caps cracking while the bolts were being torqued during initial snowmobile setup, the CPSC report said. No injuries have been reported due to related failures.

The recall affects 2,670 model year 2024 ZR, Riot and M snowmobiles that were sold in the United States. Another 891 were sold in Canada.

The CPSC report states that the affected machines will have an “R” as the tenth letter in their VIN number that is stamped on the tunnel.

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Arctic Cat 2024 Catalyst 600 snowmobiles, and contact the local authorized Arctic Cat dealer to schedule a free repair of the steering caps,” the CPSC report states.

5 thoughts on “2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst Snowmobile Recall

  • Avatar for J. CAMERON

    The 10th digit in the vin just denotes the year…..???

  • Avatar for Smyles

    Oh no not Cat,but then again it’s the same company that owns polaris so it really doesn’t surprise me anymore, the amount of recalls coming out lately makes you kinda wonder why people keep buying their CRAP,people need to grow some balls and stand up to these huge companies and stop supporting them, send them a message that until you stop building CRAP MACHINES we are not going to buy them, the more people get fed up with it I think they will come to their senses, which brings to another problem only a few manufacturers so peoples hands are tied I understand that, but companies don’t give a fat rats ass if your happy to them it’s all about the all mighty dollar, so come on people STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES send these huge companies an email demanding better products or take your money elsewhere or better yet keep it in your pocket other than theirs.

    • Avatar for OLDMXR

      So what will you buy? At least they are responsible for the issue and addressing it.

      Between Acat and Pword they build about a quazillion ATV’s, sleds, jet boat’s and you name it. You try designing and manufacturing 1 million machines/ yr flawlessly with probably 15 factories, 1000 vendors, 25000 employees, 20 million customers and keeping everyone happy. Good luck !

    • Avatar for ExcursionPSD

      Textron has not owned Polaris for 44 years!

      Hard to believe the rest of your comment is accurate.

  • Avatar for Viking

    Polaris and Arctic Cat are not owned by the same company.

    Textron owns Arctic Cat for a while now. Textron owed Polaris from ~1970-1980


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