Snowmobile Life Reflected In Riders’ Images

Snowmobile riding can be a very picturesque endeavor. Active snowmobilers know that dramatic winter landscapes await out on the rural countryside, where the proverbial deer and antelope roam!

But snowmobiling is also picturesque because of some of the fun, silly or stupid things that snowmobilers sometimes do. And that’s what has made Snow Goer’s What’s Hot/What’s Not department extremely popular since it became a part of the magazine in 1990.

For 34 years, readers have been submitting images, sharing their experiences while also hoping to see their handywork in print. Below are images utilized in the October 2023 issue of Snow Goer. Check them out, then consider sending up your favorite images.

Here’s how: Please limit submissions to two photos, and include your name and hometown with the submission. Details for us to consider for the caption are also appreciated. Send the photo as an attachment, and note that low resolution images won’t reprint well in magazines, so only send us your best! Email them to

Now, on to those images from our October 2023 issue.

snowmobile with logs
Admiring the logs of Northern Minnesota. (Image submitted by Jason Bee of Lake City, Minnesota.)
Perfect day snowmobiling
A perfect day for a group ride in Maine. (Image submitted by Denis Young of Dartmouth, Massachusetts.)
What's Hot What's Not
Sharing the love of snowmobiling. (Image submitted by Cameron and Kallie Taylor of Rome, New York.)
Flying snowmobile
OUR OWN FLYING FINN “Our son, Finn, is a natural. He’s 16 now and has been riding since he could walk.” (Image submitted by proud mother Faun Stanton of Prescott, Wisconsin.)
Wet snowmobile
“Rode hard, put away wet!” (Imaged submitted by Daniel Plante of La Ronge, Saskatchewan; caption suggested by John Wicht III on the Snow Goer magazine Facebook page.)

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    Been riding alot of years always a great time


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