Yamaha is back in the Sport-class game with its new Phazer. This is the least expensive, most basic-featured snowmobile in Yamaha’s lineup.

The machine is targeted to the 18- to 30-year-old first-time snowmobile buyer and the person who likes to customize.

The Phazer comes in Yamaha’s new FX chassis, which promotes a rider-forward riding position. It feels taller than other snowmobiles, and adopts some positioning cues from the YZ dirtbikes. The tail end of the machine also looks YZ, with the exhaust tucked below the raised seat and behind a protective plastic fin. Also special to this machine is the digital gauge pod mounted onto the handlebars. The pod weighs a few ounces.

It uses a 14- by 121- by 1-inch Camoplast Rip Saw track, ventilated hydraulic brake and wide running boards. Electric start is standard, but reverse or an accessory outlet are not even options. The windshield mounts to the steering post or the body, depending on the style chosen.



Front Suspension: Independent double wishbone; Shocks/Travel: Hydraulic gas cell/10 inches; Rear Suspension: Second-generation Pro Active; Shocks/Travel: Hydraulic gas cell/16; Features: The gas cell shocks are a lower-end product, but help to keep the price down. They are steel-bodied and not rebuildable. A link-type sway bar is used in the front for stability.


Genesis 80 FI

This new engine is fuel-injected with a five-valve head. Its displacement is 498cc and it produces 80 hp at 11,250 rpm. Fuel capacity is 8.1 gallons, and Yamaha estimates 15 mpg. It also features a knock-control system to avoid detonation from bad gas. An adjustment screw at the front of the hood controls idle. Premium fuel is recommended.

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