Model year 2012 marks the end of the line for the Yamaha Bravo snowmobile. The small, low-powered machines are popular within remote villages where ruggedness and dependability are required for survival.

Debuting in 1982, the BR250 was the first model of the Bravo line. While the low-powered Bravo was never one to get much ink in snowmobile magazines, Yamaha considers it the “epic” model of the company’s 1982 snowmobile lineup for its compact engine and incredibly light frame. The Bravo transitioned from a no-frills, entry-level machine to a workhorse with a longer track and more cargo capacity. Current versions of the sled still ride on a leafspring front suspension.

Snowmobile Magazine editors said in 1984 that the Bravo’s engine is like an electric motor as the power seems “… almost the same from engagement all the way up to the Bravo’s modest top speed.”

A 2012 Bravo LT has a 136-inch track powered by a 246cc, single-cylinder engine. It retails for $5,299. To read about Nunavut hunters using Yamaha Bravo snowmobiles, click here.

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