101 Ways To Prove You're A Snowmobiler, Part 2

A decade ago in our then-sister publication Snowmobile Magazine (may it rest in peace), we published a cover story called “101 Ways To Prove You’re A Snowmobiler.” Author Lynn Keillor quizzed the staff, regular contributors and many other snowmobilers to create this fun list.  We realize nobody is going to get 101 out of 101 — some of these are whimsicle, others are in distant locations most people will never visit and yet others are borderline illegal. But most are items that are unique to the snowmobiling experience.

So, here’s Part 2 of the 101 Ways To Prove You’re A Snowmobiler story — the second 25. Read through them and, if you want, you can share your score in the “Comment” box below. Each weekday for the rest of this week, we’ll post another quarter of the list, wrapping up on Friday. To see part one, click here. Enjoy the list, keep track of your score and share it with your snowmobiling friends.


#26 – Follow the historic Iditarod Trail in Alaska.

#27 – Experience the nightlife of Hurley, Wisconsin.

To say that Hurley, Wisconsin, has a salty reputation is an understatement. In a short few blocks (and adjacent to the trail system) revelers can find numerous bars, restaurants and “other” establishments. It’s the way Hurley is — and always has been. Silver Street, which crosses the state border, was a gathering place for people from the Michigan side seeking to take advantage of Wisconsin’s less restrictive nightlife laws. The town actually rejected Prohibition in the 1920s and was a hangout for Chicago gangsters, including Al Capone. For those seeking a more family-like environment, try Liberty Bell Chalet for
great pizza and other Italian dishes.

#28 –  See the view from Two-Top Mountain, above West Yellowstone, Montana.

#29 – Drop off the backside of West Yellowstone, Montana’s Two-Top Mountain just once.

#30 – Discover the forgotten trails in your own backyard.

#31 – Take it slow and enjoy the scenery.

#32 – Feel dwarfed by the steep rock walls while riding in Spearfish Canyon in the Black Hills.


All Things Mechanical…

#33 – Learn how to diagnose an engine by the spark plug color. Spark plug is white, you’re running too light. Spark plug is brown, you’re the best sled in town. Spark plug is black? You’re running too fat.

#34 – Start your machine by wrapping a rope around the clutch.

#35 – Look at all the complex workings of a sled, but not really understand what you’re looking at.

#36 – Carry duct tape for any number of emergencies (extra points if you’ve fixed a cracked hood with it).

#37 – Admit that you pulled on the starter cord 30 times before realizing the kill switch was down.


#38 – Bring your sled inside your motel room to make sure it starts in the morning.

#39 –  Change a belt on the trail.

#40 – Have a “simple maintenance project” take several days to complete.

#41 – Tear your carbs apart on a cold morning, barehanded, to rejet.

 Gastronomical Indulgences…

#42 – Eat a hearty snowmobilers breakfast before heading out for the day.

#43 – Eat prime rib at the Root Cellar on the east shore of Lake Gogebic, Michigan.

#44 – Order a Virgin Mary the next time you and your buddies stop for lunch along the trail.

#45 – Eat something “pickled” out of a dust-covered jar at a local pitstop.

#46 – Eat a meal cooked on the pipe.

#47 – Shoot your cholesterol levels sky-high with a local deep-fried speciality. Our favorites include fried cheese curds and the gravy-covered french fries called “Poutine” in Quebec.

#48 – Eat lunch on the trail.

#49 – Order a hamburger in Quebec “all dressed.”

#50 – Feed friendly gray jays.

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