101 Ways To Prove You're A Snowmobiler: Part 3

A decade ago in our then-sister publication Snowmobile Magazine (may it rest in peace), we published a cover story called “101 Ways To Prove You’re A Snowmobiler.” Author Lynn Keillor quizzed the staff, regular contributors and many other snowmobilers to create this fun list.  We realize nobody is going to get 101 out of 101 — some of these are whimsicle, others are in distant locations most people will never visit and yet others are borderline illegal. But most are items that are unique to the snowmobiling experience.

So, here’s Part 3 of the 101 Ways To Prove You’re A Snowmobiler story — the third 25. Click through to read the first part and second part of the 101 Ways story. Read through the list and, if you want, you can share your score in the “Comment” box below. Each weekday for the rest of this week, we’ll post another quarter of the list, wrapping up on Friday. Enjoy, and share with your snowmobiling friends.



Trail Camaraderie

#51 – Join a club (extra points if you’re also in a state or provincial association).

#52 – Participate on a guided tour -— the longer the better.

#53 – Put some greenbacks in the “trail grooming tip jar ” at a local pitstop.

#54 – Help a fellow sledder on the trail, mechanical or otherwise.

#55 – Pull alongside your buddy and hit the kill-switch on their sled.

#56 – Ride last in line behind a group of newcomers. It’s fun to watch someone gain confidence when they ride, and even more exciting to see the sparkle in the eyes of a new snowmobile fanatic.

#57 – Race your buddy across the lake and admit defeat rather than fake mechanical problems.

#58 – Tow your buddy’s broken down Cat back to camp with your Polaris — or vice-versa.

#59 – Teach a kid love for snowmobiling and respect for the trail.

#60 – Stop to help someone who is hopelessly buried off the trail.

#61 – Post trail signs and cut brush in the fall and/or take down signs in the spring.

#62 – Wait for the bison to clear the trail at Yellowstone.

Yes, the park is open this winter for snowmobiling, but entrance permits are limited and reservations are required for private groups. Call 307/344-7311 for reservations. In addition to seeing Old Faithful, we highly recommend a stop to see Firehole Falls.


#63 – Enter a poker run.

 “Fun” As Defined By Snowmobilers

#64 – While driving on a rural highway during the summer, think, “Hey, that looks like a nice ditch.”

#65 – Attend a vintage snowmobile rally.

#66 – Pass a vehicle on the highway out of spite because the car has a sticker that represents a brand of sled other than what you ride.

#67 – Pull your machine out in the summer just to admire it.

#68 – Drive all night to get to a riding destination. (extra points for an ice storm or blizzard long the way)

#69 – Buy a 120 sled for the newborn (extra points if you restore an old Kitty Cat).

#70 –  Get pulled over by the authorities, only to have the officer ask, “So, where’ve you been riding?”

#71 – Go to Haydays.

#72 – Change a flat trailer tire at 10 degrees below zero F.

#73 – Buy something useless at a snowmobile swap meet.

#74 – Apply to be a Rode Reports Guest Rider.

#75 – Take a factory tour.

 If you’re going for a factory tour (offered at Polaris, Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo) keep in mind that snowmobile production takes place during the summer. Other must-sees include the Polaris Experience Center in Roseau, Minnesota; the  J. Armand Bombardier museum in Valcourt, Quebec; the Black Cat restaurant in Thief River Falls, Minnesota; and the Yamaha Communications Plaza in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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