Ski-Doo Unveils Lighter And Longer MXZx 600 RS Snocross Sled

2019 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS
The 2019 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS snocross machine.

The first race sled unveiled at Haydays this year was from Ski-Doo with its 2019 MXZx 600RS, and it featured huge updates from nose to tail, with designers targeting better holeshots, improved cornering ability and better suspension performance in straight-line bumps. Click here to read about the 2019 Polaris 600R Race Sled and 2019 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R SX.

The most obvious update might be the 137-inch track length and completely new 137 rMotion Racing rear suspension. Ski-Doo officials said the new track will help with holeshots, an area that Arctic Cat dominated with its longer sled last year in snocross racing. Meanwhile, the new motion ratios in the skid frame will be most felt in those aforementioned straight-line bumps.

Up front, the RAS3 suspension gets spindles that are 20mm taller, a reinforced ski and an altered roll center which Ski-Doo said should help racers be more aggressive in corners. Both suspensions benefit from a Kashima coating on their highly adjustable KYB shocks.

Under a new lightweight Lexan hood is the returning 600RS E-TEC engine with some new calibrations plus a stainless steel exhaust. A repositioned and larger brake caliper, new belt guard, a stronger slip gear in the chaincase and easier-to-use hot start button round out the major changes.

“A couple of goals that we had with the sled for this winter was lightweight handling, agility and more traction, and we solved all three of those problems,” said Carey Daku, Ski-Doo’s new race coordinator.

Top Ski-Doo racers who will be flying high on the new sled this winter include Tim Tremblay, Elias Ishoel, Lincoln Lemieux and Adam Renheim. 

Here’s the press release from Ski-Doo:

2019 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS
The 2019 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS.

Ski-Doo Introduces Lighter, Re-Engineered 2019 MXZx 600RS (Race Special) At Annual Haydays Event

BRP introduces the 2019 Ski-Doo MXZx 600RS E-TEC racing snowmobile with a new look, lighter weight and longer track designed specifically for snocross racing in North America.

The 2019 MXZx 600RS E-TEC, which is based on the REV Gen4 platform for superior rider ergonomics and handling in rough conditions, features significant changes designed to provide better race starts, faster turning, better bump absorption and a weight reduction. The Gen4 layout retains the narrow design featuring centralized mass for agility and responsiveness while the Ergo Step side panels and beveled tunnel gives racers enormous freedom to ride the way they want – without interference from the chassis. New this year will be a 137” track length for more traction and better holeshots, a lightweight hood, new lighter LED headlight, larger and newly Kashima coated KYB Pro shocks. Additional refinements to many systems result in more power at the track, a lower center of gravity and even sharper handling.

The RAS 3 front suspension will feature a new longer, stronger spindle that allows higher cornering speeds and a unique power steering system that provides ultra precise handling with less effort so racers can change lines easily. The Pilot R ski, first introduced last year, is further reinforced in 2019 for more durability and features a very aggressive profile.

The Racing rMotion skid frame in back is completely redesigned for the 137” length track with new motion ratio geometry for both front and rear arms. All four KYB Pro shocks (40 mm front and 46mm for both rear) will be Kashima coated for less friction, longer life and consistent performance. All shocks have new calibrations and the rear shock adds rebound adjustment to the high and low speed compression adjustments.

Also introduced last year, the very special – for racing only – Rotax 600RS E-TEC engine gets updated with new calibrations, new hot start button and new stainless steel tuned pipe. The Rotax engine features E-TEC direct injection, that always delivers quick response and perfect calibration no matter the altitude or weather conditions so racers and their crew have one less thing to worry about. Other features include booster injectors first deployed on the Rotax 850 E-TEC, a short intake tract with double reeds and digital eRAVE. The new calibrations focus on improved acceleration, mid range power and easier use of the hot start feature. The new stainless steel tuned pipe contributes to the weight savings.

New in 2019 will be a throttle block with two positions that coincides with ECM updates allowing easy changes for Junior classes where the throttle is limited to 50%.

With all the power the MXZx 600RS produces, racers also need great brakes and the Brembo four-piston brake caliper mated to a stainless steel rotor delivers. For 2019 the rotor is 20mm larger in diameter for 15% more stopping power and better consistency in long races. The caliper is also repositioned for easier maintenance.

Chassis changes in addition to the lightweight Lexan hood and LED light include new engine mounts, new lighter belt cover with better airflow and new high flow left footrest vent.

The drive line is updated with a new, lighter drive axle, revised slip gear for better durability and new pDrive calibrations ready for the snocross track.

2019 MXZx 600RS Highlights

· REV Gen4 Platform –
• NEW 137” Track
• NEW Lightweight Lexan Hood
• NEW LED Lightweight Headlights
• Reinforced E and S modules
• Taper/tilt tunnel
• Short heat exchanger (Replaceable rear part of the tunnel)
• MX inspired seat with New foam for durability
• Racing foot box
• 5-gallon fuel tank
• Lower center of gravity
• NEW High Air Flow Left Vent
· RAS 3 Front Suspension
• NEW Kashima coated 40mm KYB Pro R Series shocks (High Speed /Low Speed compression and Rebound adjustments)
• NEW shock calibration
• Rack steering with power assist
• NEW longer Spindle design (Stronger + better speed cornering)
• Lightweight Pilot R2 Ski – Reinforced


Racing rMotion Rear Suspension

• NEW 137” length
• NEW Lightweight Front and rear arms
• NEW Kashima coated 46mm KYB Pro Series piggy back center shock w/ compression adjustment (High Speed – Low Speed)
• NEW Kashima coated 46mm KYB Pro Series piggy back rear shock w/ rebound and compression adjustment (High Speed – Low Speed)
• Revised geometry (New motion Ratio front and back)

Rotax 600RS E-TEC Engine (599.4 cc)
• E-TEC direct injection
• Intake booster injectors (850-inspired)
• Shorter intake length (850-inspired)
• Double reed valves (850-inspired)
• Mono block cylinder design with Plasma coating
• eRAVE (850-inspired)
• NEW lightweight exhaust system (Stainless steel tuned pipe)

• NEW engine calibration
• NEW Throttle Block – Ready for 50% throttle applications
• NEW engine mounts
• NEW Hot Start Button (Easier to use)

• pDrive primary clutch
• TEAM TSS-04 secondary clutch
• Revised slip gear – Better durability
• NEW RS drive axle (Lighter)
• Brembo Brake System – 20mm larger diameter rotor, better consistency – Relocated for easier maintenance
• NEW lightweight belt guard – better air flow

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