Racing Insider David Meneely Has Died

A popular grass roots leader in snowmobile racing circles has lost his long battle with various health problems years after a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed.

David Meneely of Sodus, New York, died this morning, October 1, according to social media posts by his family. He was 57.

David Meneely pictured with his grandson on his Facebook page, from 2012.

Meneely was a hardcore racing aficionado, including getting his two daughters, Jessica and Danielle, involved in competing in the sport all over the Snowbelt, mainly in different forms of drag racing.

He was more than a race team owner and expert wrencher, however. Meneely was also a multi-faceted race circuit owner and race promoter with his Black Jack Racing effort. The circuit hosted hillclimbs, hilldrags, snow drags, grass drags and more. Most of his events were in the Northeast but he wasn’t afraid to travel with his talents – including being the sanctioning body a couple of years at the Hay Days Grass Drags in Minnesota.

Beyond that, Meneely also worked very passionately on race rules, traveling to distant meetings of the International Snowmobile Racing rule-making body for many years. He was a tug boat captain by trade. Friends today remembered the man for his gruff exterior and handlebar mustache that just barely hid the compassion he had for others and the deep love he had for his wife and daughters, and the sport.

Meneely was severely injured in July 12, 2013, in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident in Oneida County, New York. The crash resulted in brain stem damage.  Details on funeral services are pending. If you have additional memories of David Meneely to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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