Polaris Gives Snocrossers More Power In 2021 600R

2021 Polaris 600R

A brand new 600-class engine that promises to give Polaris racers a big boost of horsepower is the key to a new 2021 Polaris 600R race snowmobile unveiled September 10.

The featured sled – designed specifically for snocross racing applications – is combined in theory with the mountain-focused 2021 850 RMK Khaos and cross-country-aimed 600 Indy XCR to create a three-pronged effort to win on race tracks and courses across North America and beyond.

However, the 600R is different – the other two sleds are available to any consumer but are adapted by race teams for competition; the 600R is only available to race teams and has some very specific features.

The 600R returns in the reinforced Axys R chassis. No, it’s not the Matryx setup that Polaris unveiled on some high-end sleds last spring, but remember: The Matryx setup actually followed the ergonomic advantages first developed and utilized on the 600R. Also back are the Polaris Race IFS front suspension and RX2 rear suspension that’s encased in a 136-inch track.  Walker Evans Racing Velocity shocks are found all around.

That combination generally worked OK for Polaris race teams in recent years, but not great – primarily because they were usually beat to the all-important first corner by racers on yellow and green machines.

To fix that, according to Polaris’ press release, “the lightweight, low inertia powerplant features an all-new throttle body EFI system, lightweight crank and flywheel, new head and port design and more.” The result? A claimed 10 hp gain in peak power and a “staggering” 18 hp gain in mid-range. That’s a huge claim.

Polaris 600 race engine
With no notably changes to the chassis and suspension, the new, fuel-injected 600 engine will make-or-break racers on the track this winter.

At this point, no official specs have been released. Polaris officials weren’t made available to comment, but in a back and forth via email said, “The all-new 600 race engine evolved from the previous race engine architecture, with all new components and technologies leveraged from racing and Patriot development. The engine was purpose built for the track, with a focus on more horsepower and faster response. The throttle body EFI system was developed for the performance demands of the race sled.”

Details on who will be racing this sled this winter will likely be released soon. Here’s the full press release from Polaris on the race sleds:

Team Polaris Racing Poised to Dominate Tracks Across the Snowbelt this Winter 2021 600R Features All-New 600 Race Engine

2021 Polaris race snowmobiles
This trio of snowmobiles will lead the Polaris race effort in bumps racing, cross-country and hillclimbs.

MINNEAPOLIS (Sept. 10, 2020) – From the high flying track at the Canterbury Snocross, to the high speed action of the I-500 and the ultimate challenge at the Jackson Hole World Championship, Team Polaris racers are ready to dominate, with three race-ready weapons at their disposal.

The 2021 600R is the latest iteration of Polaris’s dedication to technology development, and the dominance of the INDY XCR and RMK Khaos are the result of that technology across our snowmobile lineup.

“Over the entire history of the Polaris Snowmobiles brand, we have used racing to develop and prove out our high performance snowmobiles,” said Chris Wolf, President, Snowmobiles. “That tradition is strong today, pushing technology with the 600R, and demonstrating the strength and performance of our production sleds with the XCR and Khaos.”

2021 Polaris 600R Race Sled

 The 2021 600R Race Sled continues on the proven, championship winning AXYS R platform for this season, with industry leading suspension and racer first ergonomics. The legendary Polaris Race IFS and 136” RX2 rear suspension, with the Walker Evans Racing Velocity shocks, are ready to tackle the toughest tracks race after race. The narrow racer first bodywork, the inspiration for the all-new Matryx production snowmobiles, allows the racers to push the 600R to the limit, keeping them in complete control.

“The 600R is a proven, race winning chassis that leads the pack in handling and rider ergonomics. For the 2021 season, the powertrain was our primary focus, and that resulted in our brand new, purpose built 600 race engine,” said Tom Rager Jr., Polaris Race Manager.

Polaris 600R race sled

With decades of developing industry leading engines, including the Patriot engine architecture, the allnew 600 race engine is purpose built for racing, with proven Polaris Racing technology. The lightweight, low inertia powerplant features an all-new throttle body EFI system, lightweight crank and flywheel, new head and port design, and more. The result – a 10 horsepower gain at peak power, and a staggering 18 horsepower gain in the midrange over the previous 600 race engine.

Holeshots and top speed are greatly improved with the increased power output, and the low inertia, EFI engine brings throttle response to a lightning fast level. The new engine, paired with the 600R platform, will be a distinct advantage for Team Polaris racers this winter.

2021 INDY XCR & RMK Khaos

Racing provides the extreme conditions that are hard to replicate, and the ideal venue to develop and prove out production snowmobiles. The INDY XCR and RMK Khaos production snowmobiles demonstrate this race ready performance and strength.

The XCR’s legacy in cross country racing is storied, and the 2021 600 INDY XCR is ready to write the next chapter. Walker Evans Velocity shocks, Polaris Race Technology spec brakes & componentry, and extensive strength reinforcements put the XCR out front.

The lightweight, rigid aluminum chassis of the RMK Khaos produces agile, predictive handling on the hillclimb course and in the backcountry. The power of the 850 Patriot and the Walker Evans Velocity shocks provide the power and response required to dominate the mountain.

“With the 600R and all-new race engine, the proven strength of the XCR, and the lightweight, powerful 850 RMK, it is going to be a dominating winter for Team Polaris,” said Wolf.

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