Arctic Cat To Unveil New Chassis Platform At Hay Days

Screenshot from the Arctic Cat teaser video.

It’s official: At long last, Arctic Cat is officially going to take the wraps off of a new snowmobile chassis platform, with the full unveiling coming at the Hay Days Grass Drags & Swap Meet event the second weekend of September near North Branch, Minnesota.

     The wait is almost over.

     Before that, though, Arctic Cat has released a sneak-peek video showing flashes of blurry components. The company is inviting snowmobile enthusiasts to help name this new platform. Considering at this point, folks don’t really know what the platform entails or looks like, asking consumers to help name it seems like an odd venture. We’re going to submit the name “Bob” with our entry, just because then, if the folks at the Textron headquarters go with our suggestion, we’ll be able to refer to Arctic Cat’s new Bob Sled in print for years to come!!

     But seriously, marketing gimmick aside, the news that Cat is coming with “A Revolutionary New Platform,” according to their video, has to considered great news for those who have eagerly awaited the next big step from Team Green, as the brand moves beyond the ProCross/ProClimb chassis platform it originally released for model year 2012. It’s also fabulous news to those who were fearing doom-and-gloom as far as the future of Arctic Cat: You don’t unveil a new chassis if you’re going away!

What We Know

Here’s all that Arctic Cat officials will say publicly right now:

     “You’ve waited for it and now you can name it! Starting today through July 28, enthusiasts can submit names for Arctic Cat’s revolutionary new snowmobile platform, which will launch at Hay Days and be available for pre-order beginning in 2023,” Cat’s statement said.

     “The platform is designed to give everyone the ride of their life, with more centralized weight distribution, a lightweight yet strong design and improved ergonomics,” the statement continues. “The platform will span the two-stroke mountain, crossover and trail sled families. Find more information on Arctic Cat’s website and be part of history.”

     All of the buzz words are certainly interesting – more centralized, lighter, stronger, improved ergos: Check, check, check and check!

     It’s also interesting that the statement singles out two-strokes as the powerplant of choice when the platform is launched. It also name-checks all the prime categories for most enthusiasts. We guess the utility and 2-Up touring crowd will have to wait, because Cat is starting with the trail gunners, powder runners and those who like to have a snowmobile that can do both.

     Based on close inspection of the Arctic Cat teaser video that was released, all we can really confirm is that it has a new headlight. It will also have a handlebar with hooked ends, a windshield and a snow flap: big news there, right?! We’re very confident that there’s a lot more to this new platform than that!

Your Role

Clearly the video was released at this point to create some summer energy around the Arctic Cat snowmobile brand and build anticipation for a product release in eight weeks (Hay Days is September 10-11). It also comes just before the brand’s big 60th anniversary celebration in Thief River Falls this coming weekend (July 15-17).

     Given that Cat’s statement says that the pre-order doesn’t doesn’t begin until the calendar turns to 2023, it’s a safe bet that we’re talking about model year 2024 snowmobiles.

     In the meantime, based on a slick video that hides pretty much all details except for the headlight, go ahead and suggest a name to Arctic Cat if you want. It’s a fun little challenge but ultimately the name isn’t important: It’s the handling, performance, ergonomics and styling that the new platform will provide that has most enthusiasts eager in anticipation. Us too. We’ll see many of you at Hay Days.   

Screenshot from the Arctic Cat teaser video.

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27 thoughts on “Arctic Cat To Unveil New Chassis Platform At Hay Days

  • Avatar for Ronald Denslow Jr.

    Any fool knows the name of the New Sled should be “SUPER CAT” my Dad went to Arctic Cat’s back in the 70’s when POLARIS Sleds would constantly Break Down.

    • Avatar for Caren Brookes

      I definitely think it should be called

    • Avatar for Paul Stawecki

      BOREAS ( CHASSIS NAME) – Greek God of the Cold North Wind
      In Greek Mythology there are 4 wind gods that represent the 4 seasons. Boreas is the god of the north wind or the god of winter. He comes down from the Thrake mountains bringing icy air and snow each winter. He is also known for wrecking the fleet of the Persian king Xerxes off the beach Sepias helping to save the ancient Greeks from Persian invasion. He is also the father of Khione, the Greek Goddess of snow.

    • Avatar for Graham Blake

      Predator platform

    • Avatar for Randy

      Would that be around the time when Textron was in command of Polaris ?

  • Avatar for Nancy McReady

    We have had Arctic Cats for 50 years and moved from the 2stroke to the 4stroke engine in 2005 with two T660ST. With the number of miles we ride, we didn’t want the added cost of oil. Ran those to 22,000 miles. Best engine, but not great mpg. Then we got two 2014 ZR7000s which we ran to 16,000 miles. Still only 15mpg.
    In 2021 we order two Skidoo Enduro 900 ACE. Haven’t received delivery on them yet. Supply chain problem with the suspension. We were so looking forward to higher gas mileage and easier throttle. Ended up buying a 2007 ZR and rode that and our old 2005 T660ST putting on 1000 miles!
    Picked up two 2005 T660STs with only 5000 miles on each this spring to use for staking Ely area lakes. May be riding them next season if our Skidoo’s aren’t done.
    If Arctic Cat goes back to the T660ST engine with a new chassis, and definitely a higher front riding seat, they will have a winner as long as it get higher mileage.

  • Avatar for David LaBonne

    This-if you make it into an acronym even better-this is it,I’ll buy this ,this is s now

    • Avatar for Tim Torkelson

      Ski-Doo huy here but definitely want your brand to stay strong! Helps entire sport…so I’ll take a stab at a name: Artic Cat ST for Siberian Tiger…
      “S”iberian “T”iger in a cool way?

  • Avatar for Joe Moser

    “You don’t unveil a new chassis if you’re going away!” – Tell that to BRP when they released the G2 150/140/115. The most fuel efficient and emission free engines in that range. 1 year later Bye Bye Evinrude!

  • Avatar for Stanley Edward Dorozynski

    No mention if it’s just for the 2strokes, or will they put the Yamaha 4stroke in it. And, will they be sharing the new chassis with Yamaha.

  • Avatar for Brooke Paquette

    New Chassis Name: Forever

    Why?: Because I have been waiting for forever. Now all I have to hope for is that it doesn’t ship tomorrow…..

  • Avatar for Conley Carrier

    KINCAID CAT in honor of rob kincaid one of the best

  • Avatar for James small

    Call it the attic cat “ super cat”

  • Avatar for Mark

    I named it after the most famous classic name: Panther. It should the Panther. This is to honor Roger Skime for his dedication for years working for Arctic Cat, they should name that in honor of.

    The sled I had to watch over and over to get the shape and quick stop the video on YouTube. It does look like an electric sled. Because of the headlights. No grille! That pointed to electric. Lower.. glad they are going back to the good old 60s to early 80s platform of lower body similar to the leaf suspension sleds that the 200 brands had but this is still independent suspension as I can see in the video. I see the flap yes, but I also see the seat. It does appear similar to the classic Panther seat of 1966 to late 1970s before the 2 up seats era began. That bulk back rest. The front.. the width appeared WIDER than they were going narrow since late 1990s into start of 2020s. This time, wider but SHORTER in length.. this appearance reminded me of the Panthers platforms of 1966, 1970, the Cutlass generation, and the pointy 1980 generation that the Panther shared with the other panther in Italian name, Pantera. That is why I recommend the name Panther because of the sled is homage to the Panther look and should be in honor to Roger Skime.

  • Avatar for Mike

    I like the : Predator, Kincaid and Panther names. Also like to toss out my suggestion —- “Stalker” as Cats like to stalk their prey

  • Avatar for Bryce Wells

    Terminator chassis……

  • Avatar for Robert fales

    Phatcat hot and tempting

  • Avatar for Tonya Fales

    Razor Cat
    Sharp, fine, cutting edge design

  • Avatar for Scott wayne Provost


  • Avatar for Powder Junkie

    It should be called the ZRE (ZR-Evolution)

  • Avatar for Dominick

    The beast or Panther cyber cat Diablo gato


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