Snowmobile Club Spotlight: Winter Huskies Snowmobile Club

A vintage sled race about to begin.

Located near the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest resides a club of dedicated snowmobilers who have banded together by their love of snowmobiling for nearly four decades. Maintaining almost as many miles of trails as it has official members, the Winter Huskies Snowmobile Club of Winter, Wisconsin, continues a long tradition of camaraderie.

What’s the best in-season club event or activity that makes membership fun?
The Biessels Big Boys Toys 100+ vintage ride. This event has been going on 14 years. We raise money for the club’s scholarship program at our local school, where $500.00 goes to three seniors who are picked. We have a show, a little races for the ones who want to go fast and around noon head out on the trail to some of our business members. We ride on the Tuscobia trail to either the east or west, depending on snow conditions. We had over 100 sleds this year and only a few breakdowns. We come back for a chicken dinner, prizes and awards. It keeps getting better each year as more younger ones are enjoying this event.

What’s the best off-season club event?
When we have enough active volunteers we participate in the 4th of July parade in town.

What’s the best way to find new members?
We have advertised in the past with a full page ad in our local paper. Our local paper has done a lot good publicity for our club.

Besides safety training, does the club do anything to get and keep youth involved?
The club will try to do anything. It has done a safety training for about six years averaging over 10 students.

One interesting thing the club does for the good of the sport is…
Keeps trails in great condition and also puts a trail report in the local paper. We try to keep local businesses up to date on trail conditions, and any negative comments we receive we try to fix.

Established: 1978

Total Members: 93

Miles of Trails Maintained: 97


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