Snowmobile Club Spotlight: Conway Snowmobile Club

A typical Conway Snowmobile Club gathering.

Two seasons ago the Conway Snowmobile Club of Conway, Massachusetts, was thrown a curveball after its region was hit by what was described as a “freak tornado.” While thankfully no one was hurt, the storm destroyed much of the club’s trail system.

Down but certainly not out, the club of dedicated snowmobilers banded together to either clean the wreckage or reroute their trails. After all, a new season was coming up.

What’s the best in-season club event or activity that makes membership fun?

A winter cookout that ends in a club ride. Those who don’t snowmobile come to enjoy sliding on sleds downhill. We tow people back up the hill with our groomers, and the fun goes on for hours. Those new to the club or snowmobiling ask questions about the sport and grooming. Then, snowmobilers who wish to participate enjoy a ride through four towns for dinner at a local restaurant.

What’s the best off-season club event or activity?

In October we set up a food booth at our town’s “Festival of the Hills” where we sell locally sourced kielbasa grinders and other great food. The event is not only our primary fundraiser, but also a chance to mingle with our landowners and educate others on snowmobiling. The club also raises money for annual donations to numerous charities. This summer our volunteers will be dealing with the task of clearing out hundreds of twisted trees on the trail system.

Besides safety training, does the club do anything to get and keep youth involved?

It’s very important for the club to have family and youth involved in every aspect. We have children help at fundraising events, cookouts, in our local parade and even come to our business meetings. We also schedule a family day to ride the trails and stop for a campfire.

One interesting thing the club does for the good of the sport is…

We are one of approximately 30 clubs in Massachusetts that makes up the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (SAM), and in 2017 we were named the Club of the Year.

The most important thing our club and SAM do together is look at things from the perspective of what is best for the future of snowmobiling – that includes safety and an appreciation for generous landowners. At all events, newsletters and other communications, we make it a priority to thank our landowners for the use of their land.

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