Ski-Doo Launches BRP Go! App On Eve Of New Season

A high-tech new snowmobile riding app that ties into you phone – or into the huge new multi-function gauge that was available as an option on select 2021 Ski-Doos – has now officially been launched, giving rider mapping functionality, group ride capabilities and much more.

Initial details on the BRP Go! app and the 7.8-inch Panoramic LCD Display were announced last February when Ski-Doo launched its 2021 snowmobile lineup, and its creation caused quite a stir at the Club Ski-Doo dealer meeting we attended in Mexico. The multi-screen gauge gave Ski-Doo riders a new level of available information on their snowmobile and multiple ways to display the information they sought in a modern, clean-looking display.

The BRP GO! app, though, takes everything to the next level. By downloading the app onto your phone, and then connecting your phone to the sled in a secure and heated storage compartment behind the gauge, a user could get GPS mapping and a lot of other functionality right on the sled’s gauge — although it should be noted that the BRP GO! app can certainly be used just on your phone as well, for those without the new sled.

As of the Ski-Doo dealer meeting and then the spring tests of 2021 demo models and the spring ordering period, however, the BRP GO! app wasn’t completed — Ski-Doo said it was still finalizing some of its lisences and functions. With a November press release (below) Ski-Doo is officially announcing that the app is ready for action, though geographically it’s limited at this point to 9 U.S. states and 5 Canadian provinces – with detailed mapping in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania in the northeast; Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota in the Upper Midwest; and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada. There’s nothing in the Mountain West in either country at this point, and Ontario and Maine are a couple of the many big holes in trail territory.

We’re excited to utilize the app on our 2021 Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS that we picked up last week.

Here’s the full press release from Ski-Doo:


Valcourt, Quebec, November 17, 2020 – BRP, the global leader in the world of powersports vehicles, propulsion systems and boats, has announced a new app – BRP GO! – designed to enhance how riders interact with the snowmobile community as they ride, within selected US and Canadian locations.

Designed for Apple and Google devices, the new app offers many perks for Ski-Doo and other snowmobile riders including navigation for snowmobile trails to ensure riders can navigate terrains safely, specific community info (e.g. locating other riders so you always know where your friends and family are).

brp go snowmobile app

The app also offers both online and offline information to ensure navigation for when cell signals may be scarce. The app currently is available for U.S. and Canadian Ski-Doo riders in Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan  – with plans to expand across more states, provinces and territories in North America in the future.

For locations currently not covered, the app will still allow Ski-Doo end-users to mirror the app on the gauge, create an account, invite friends, use the area exploration mode (without the trails) and see topographic information on the map, as well as locating your GPS position and consulting your trip stats. If you would like your region to be included in BRP GO! you can reach out to your local snowmobile association to express interest. It is the one-stop shop for planning snowmobiles outings. For assets for BRP GO!, please click here. To download BRP GO!, please click here for Apple devices and here for Google devices.

BRP’s Digital Transformation Journey

BRP is accelerating the digital shift it embarked on last year with its commitment to innovation. The goal is to fully enhance the customer experience on all terrains – in the city, on water, on a forest trail or in the middle of the desert. The new BRP Go! app, is the latest innovation designed to better meet its customers’ needs and use connected technology to provide navigational and maintenance related benefits.

“Now more than ever, BRP’s innovation goes well beyond our vehicle designs,” said Matyas Gabor, VP of Digital Customer Experience, BRP. “Our primary focus is the customer’s end to end experience – starting with the website and pulling through to the ride itself. We’re in the age of connectivity and we’re taking best practices from IoT and applying them, so customers have the best experience. The result? BRP’s new digital offering has been remodeled to offer a product as premium as our vehicles, including our new BRP GO! app. The new BRP digital experience is all under the lens of what today’s riders expect from a global leader in the world of powersports vehicles.”

The next phase of digital development will focus on data marketing and e-commerce, expected to rollout in 2021.

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