Polaris Timbersleds For 2018: New Aro Chassis Includes 1:1 Layout

2018 Timbersled
The Timbersled lineup gets a new chassis for 2018 that’s lighter, more maneuverable and easier to install.

After tampering and tweaking with the Timbersled lineup the last couple of years, Polaris is pushing forward with a major redesign of the snow bike conversion kits for 2018 with its new Aro platform.

The Aro system is 11 pounds lighter than the standard Timbersled design it replaces, it’s designed to be easier to install or remove and it features new geometry between the front and rear to make the so-equipped bike easier to handle in the backcountry and on hardpack.

Key to the design, Polaris officials said, is the one-to-one design between the ski and track. To attain that, the Aro models get a track that is 1 inch narrower than previous models and a ski that is 15 percent wider than the previous ski. Both are now 11.5 inches wide.

2018 Timbersled snow bike
The all-new Aro chassis is lighter and narrower, and now matches the width of the new ski.

The new Traverse Convex track is 4.5 pounds lighter than the track it replaces, and features wider center paddles for increased traction and lift. It wraps around the new Aro aluminum frame and suspension that has more travel and integrates a new shielded brake system. And the whole system is designed to be easier to install – in fact, installation time is cut in half on most bikes, Polaris claims.

Timbersled models for 2018 – with the trailing numbers referring to track length – include the Aro 120 and Aro 137 with Fox Zero Pro shocks; spring-order Aro 120 LE and 137 LE with Fox Zero QS3R shocks and custom colors and graphics; price-conscious ST 120 Raw model with last year’s geom­etry and a 12.5-inch track, plus Ryde FX MPV shocks; and the small-bike-focused ST 90 Ripper.

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