Polaris Posts Video Update On 2022 Sled Delivery

Social media and message boards are awash with snowmobilers complaining about the delayed delivery of the snowmobiles they ordered last spring. All four (well, five now, including Lynx) brands are having troubles procuring the parts needed to finish assembly of some key models. Some models that are being shipped to dealers are being sent with different gauges, non-programmed DESS ports, different tracks and more.

Polaris sent the video below to select SnowCheck customers yesterday who had yet to receive their models. Along with the link to the video, the email gave customers options of either: (1) waiting for their spring-ordered snowmobile; (2) cancelling their order and getting their deposit refunded, or (3) switching their order over to a different machine that is in stock at dealerships.

Nobody said delivering bad news would be easy. In this video, Polaris VP/GM of Snow John Stockman lays out the situation that his brand as well as the others are facing.

7 thoughts on “Polaris Posts Video Update On 2022 Sled Delivery

  • Avatar for Randy Beuter

    My first and last winter with my NEW son-in-law he is Military . I ordered a new sled so he could ride he only rode mine un the street a few times last year and loved it .
    I placed my order 4-15-21 and was told October ,then November , then December now they say JANUARY… hE WILL BE MOVING ON IT LOOKS LIKE BEFORE HE CAN RIDE …

  • Avatar for john rameda

    I wish that polaris would let me know whats going on,my last e-mail was on 11/1/2021. Come on a little insite is better than saying nothing and i am a loyal snowcheck purchaser with 14 sleds over 33 years. my dealer told me my sled came in 2 weeks ago but missing parts. they dont know when i can expect the parts.i know this is a tough time but in the future just in time manufactuing does not work. Please let me know good or bad.thank-you

    • Avatar for Gord brown

      I was promised my machine dec 15 and then dec31 and then e mail said it’s on its way jan2. Complete lies when asked were it was. Now feb 7 is the so called delivery date. Gord Brown Ontario Canada.

      • Avatar for Brad Booker

        Ordered a switch back assault told all the same bull shit now they say end of March, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Avatar for Andrew Van Dorp

    I have owned 35 new polaris sleds and although there have been some minor issues it has been a good experience. There has been times over the years where we had to wait on the units but never quite this long. It is understandable though as there is no industry not effected by the results of this pandemic.
    I would hate to be the guy that has to keep dealing with the people that have no patience, as this is really out of any ones hands. patiently waiting and hoping the new sled works as good as the rest I”ve owned.

  • Avatar for Brad Booker

    Ordered my 650 Switch Back Assault 1st day of snow check March 1st 2021 thinking first come first serve, absolutely not the case. First they said Dec. 15, then February and now middle to end of March and I would be surprised to see it then, so much for this winter. Extremely disappointed.

  • Avatar for Camp Iron Fox

    Yeah it’s been disappointing. I live off the grid in the U. P. Great snow. Been getting my 144 “ track sleds buried. Ordered a khaos slash to break trail. Rely on a sled to live and get out of here. I have an 8 mile sled ride just to get to my truck to get to civilization.
    I do hope Polaris steps up and backs us dumb butts that waited for their order. A 1000 dollar rebate off the sled or Polaris accessories would make me feel a little better and is deserved. I order a new sled every year for my kids , dad or myself. Happens to be I got the screwing this year. I sold my 2019 assault 850 way to cheap before season expecting my snow check. The guy who bought it buys me a bottle of whiskey every time he’s up. Says it’s the Best Buy he has had. Lol.

    Think Polaris should have had a back up plan. They knew a long time ago they couldn’t do snow checks on certain models. Never thought I would see the day my Polaris dealer was full of sleds in the summer and side by sides and 4 wheelers in the winter. My 9 year old even said “dad that don’t make sense”. I do hope some brainiac at Polaris will have the smarts to just take snow checks they can fill and no more.

    Ride safe guys. Been seeing way too many accidents this year and it’s all been speed, alcohol and dumb people that can’t read signs warning sledders of danger.


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