Polaris military snowmobiles
The 2025 Military 650 Titan 155 and 2025 Military 850 Pro RMK 155

Sometimes we’ve found ourselves referring to various, gravitationally-challenged snowmobiles as “a tank.” The Polaris Government and Defense division is taking that term to a different level!

This week, that division of Polaris released the 2025 Military 650 Titan 155 and the 2025 Military 850 Pro RMK 155. Knowledgable sledheads will recognize the names from the regular/consumer 2025 snowmobiles (minus the “Military” tag) that Polaris unveiled earlier this month. These machines, though, are modified for use by military units as they traverse snowy landscapes.

Don’t get overly excited when thinking military snowmobiles, however. They won’t come with rocket launchers or other cool weapons! Instead, the changes are tied to body panels, lighting, cooling and such. But you never know what changes could be made once they are in the hands of an actual military units.

An an aside, several militaries around the world have been bulking up on their winter readiness in recent years. Having some presense and potential control of the Arctic, which is potentially rich with oil and other important minerals, is the goal.

Here’s the press release from Polaris Defense and Government:

New Military Snowmobiles Launch from Polaris Government and Defense

Minneapolis – March 21, 2024 – Two new military snowmobiles are launching today from Polaris Government and Defense: the 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 and 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155, built off the industry-leading technology and ride-enhancing upgrades of the 2025 Polaris Snowmobile lineup. Warfighters worldwide rely on Polaris Government and Defense to provide off-road, light tactical vehicles for the most austere conditions. Polaris militarized snowmobiles, or over-snow reconnaissance vehicles (OSRVs), are a critical component of the off-road arsenal for winter warfare.

2025 Military 650 Titan 155
2025 Military 650 Titan 155

“Many expeditionary forces turn to Polaris for arctic mobility, and we are committed to providing vehicles that continue to meet the ever-changing needs of their missions,” said Nick Francis, vice president, Polaris Government and Defense. “The all-new 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 and 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155 snowmobiles are engineered with the input of our longstanding snowmobile customers. Working closely with the operators that specialize in arctic operations helps ensure these next-gen OSRVs meet the standards and requirements of today’s militaries while continuing to provide exceptional maneuver capability, utility and reliable operation during harsh winter operations.”

The 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 and 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155 have several modifications for the military mission:

  • Blackout Mode – a single switch instantly turns off all lights for discreet operation
  • IR Light – infrared lighting provides visibility to operators while in blackout mode
  • White Body Panels – additional white on military snowmobiles provides camouflage
  • 12V outlets – power or charge hand-held electronics and other mission essentials
  • Power Boosting Regulator – automatically provides maximum electrical power at idle and low RPMs to support the 12V outlet as well as any added accessories
  • Handlebar with Mountain Hoop – the added hoop provides better operator ride angle and control

Built on the proven Matryx platform with the quick accelerating 650 Patriot engine, the 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 is the most capable widetrack in Polaris history. The two-person workhorse accommodates a passenger and another 125 lbs in the cargo area, as well as a hitch to tow a trailer and an additional 1200 lbs of mission-critical supplies. A powerful winch provides 1500 lbs of capacity for vehicle recovery or to move obstacles. With an all-new, patented BackTrak20 rear suspension, high-clearance independent front suspension and Trailbreaker skis, the TITAN can climb on top of the snow better than any previous model – in forward or reverse. This model also has an articulating rail, allowing the extra-long track to hinge upwards at the back, and a removeable rear snowflap for even greater mobility in reverse. The transmission has high and low gearing for controlled power distribution and added initial engine torque for heavy loads. A cooling system with radiator keeps the TITAN’s engine temp optimized during slow speed operation, while towing heavy loads and in low-snow conditions for more reliable operation and dependability.

The new 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155 is a nimble, lightweight snowmobile engineered for superior maneuverability for patrol and reconnaissance. The extended track and tapered tunnel increase the snowmobile’s performance in deep snow while a full-length cooler provides better cooling and greater reliability in marginal snow conditions. High elevation clutch calibration provides optimal operation at increased altitudes for this model, while Velocity shocks provide adjustability for varying rider and kit weight and size for greater control and precise handling.

2025 Military 850 Pro RMK
2025 Military 850 Pro RMK

Both snowmobiles are also equipped with durable, Polaris two-stroke engines and electric start, while also supporting manual, pull-start in extreme cold. Weight reduction and ergonomic upgrades provide added control while the advanced suspension improves handling, enhanced capability and agility. Calibrated shocks and a proven suspension architecture absorb bumps in shifting terrain to add a level of comfort to the ride while a narrow cockpit provides greater control, stability and precise navigation. To increase stealth, these two military snowmobiles are designed to blend in to snowy, arctic environmental conditions. A keyless ignition also comes standard on military models to simplify fleet operation. Orders for these military snowmobiles are open now directly through Polaris Government and Defense with production and deliveries also scheduled for this year.

Providing 70 Years of Winter Mobility

In arctic and mountainous snow-covered environments, Polaris military snowmobiles and tactical vehicles allow operators to move further and faster. The experts in winter mobility, Polaris has been making innovative snowmobiles for seven decades. Today’s snowmobiles are delivered mission-ready to military customers with confidence that all modifications have been validated by Polaris engineers. The dedicated team at Polaris Government and Defense also provides training courses to maximize operator effectiveness and ability for these specialty platforms.

Polaris Government and Defense also provides arctic mobility through its MRZR Alpha light tactical all-terrain vehicle. The MRZR Alpha transitions to cold-weather environments and terrain with the addition of an Arctic Mobility Kit. A fully enclosed cab helps protect occupants from weather conditions and environmental elements while a track conversion kit replaces each wheel with a separate track assembly providing off-road, all-terrain maneuver capability over snow, soft soil and mixed terrain. The full cab and tracks expand the environments the MRZR Alpha can operate in and increase an already wide range of terrain for which it is well-suited.

Polaris’ commercially modified platforms are air transportable, highly capable and a force multiplier for every service in the United States military and more than 60 allied countries. In addition to military snowmobiles, Polaris Government and Defense provides tactical wheeled vehicles like the MRZRDAGOR and MV850.

7 thoughts on “Polaris Defense Division Unveils Two Military Snowmobiles

  • Avatar for Smyles

    Oh the military will soon get tired of the constant ” Do Not Ride/Recalls” that polaris has become to be KNOWN and FAMOUS FOR then they will say WTF did we buy these pieces of CRAP, at least they carry guns and RPGs and they will probably make a big kaboom when they use them for target practice ha ha ha they seem to blow up all by themselves anyways at least in the winter they all can stand beside them and keep warm while they burn.

    • Avatar for DavidCumming2

      Would it not be better to buy Ski Doo sleds I believe they are far more reliable and better all round

  • Avatar for Richard Pack

    With all the recalls still pending they should forget special military sleds and fix the thousands of sleds that consumers have. I’m sure we don’t need sleds with “ Made in China “ parts defending the USA !

  • Avatar for Ernie Ferguson

    Can you imagine the military people walking back after these Polaris sleds break down? Sorry men, we have another stop ride. Cease military operations

  • Avatar for Joe Pesi

    What a joke, The brand that has the most unreliable motors in the industry, obviously not much research done here

  • Avatar for Curt Maki

    Military use not onlly requires stealth lighting but also sound. Where is the sound adjustment? Nothing says here I am shoot me like a loud engine or as others have pointed out – a snowmobile on fire due to faulty gas tank design.

  • Avatar for Smyles

    They are cheap giving them away because no one wants one too many recalls and too many pissed off owners,I know because I’m one of them,and as soon as I sell mine which I know I will take a loss, I don’t care,owning a Polaris is like having a BAD case of Herpes no one wants it, and with the winter we just had I’m sure you can find a good deal on this year’s model of a different manufacturer before next year’s, Skidoo had a 48% shrink in sales because of the winter and dealers are sitting on stock and probably willing to sell them quickly to get rid of them,but do yourself a favor DONT BUY A POLARIS take it from me you WILL REGRET IT.


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