More Drivers Fill In Pro Snocross Field For 2023-24

Marcus Ogemar
Marcus Ogemar is moving to One Three Motorsports and the Pro snocross division for next winter. Picture from a Thene Motorsports press release last winter.

The top level of snowmobile snocross racing continues to evolve, as more drivers and teams make announcements about their plans for the winter of 2023-24 on the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross series.

As a part of that, another Pro Lite driver announced he is running in the Pro division this winter. Also, a team that previously hosted a plethora of Pro racers will stick to the undercard next season.

The most recent announcement came from the One Three Motorsports Ski-Doo-based team. It announced on October 6 that Marcus Ogemar would join the team and jump up to the Pro division for 2023-24.

The Swedish racer finished third in season points in the highly competitive Pro Lite division last year behind Jordan Lebel and Ryley Bester. Those two racers are also jumping to the Pro division. Ogemar notched an impressive eight heat race victories and earned five trips to the podium in finals last year.

“I am beyond excited to join the team and especially to move up to Pro,” Ogemar said in a press release from One Three. “This is a big change for me, but I am ready. I always like the longer races so I feel the extended length will suit me well. I have a new training program in place and expect to be as ready as ever.”

One Three Motorsports also announced that dominating Pro Women champ Malene Cottew would return to the team, as would Pro Lite racer Jeremy Beaulieu, and Junior racers Hudson and Holden Kuhn.

Other Snocross Racers Find Homes

Since our last snocross team update, Daniel Benham Jr. announced he would be joining the Woodies Racing Team and staying on Arctic Cat.

Shortly thereafter, his former teammate at the now-closed All Finish Racing Team Jacob Yurk announced he and his mechanic Brian Strawsell were partnering with Chad Kyllo to create Kyllo Racing Team Arctic. With a name like that, you won’t be surprised to hear the team will race Arctic Cat snowmobiles.

Yurk is coming off a non-season after he was injured in practice before the first round last season. The former Pro Lite champion has fought back from injuries before, and has also run up front in the Pro class before.

Green Mountain Snocross Plans

Meanwhile, the Green Mountain Racing team that hosted several different Pro level racers from Scandinavia last year is stepping out of that top level for this coming winter. It’s also switching brands, going from Ski-Doo back to its original Arctic Cat.

Its top driver, in terms of class, next winter will be Oskar Englund in Pro Lite. The 24-year-old former Swedish champion made four finals last year, with a high finish of 13th, racing in Pro Lite for Woodies Racing.  The team also signed the popular Jordan Biese. The Wisconsin native with the trademark big hair will race in the Sport division.

The Pro Snocross Landscape

So now let’s re-update the Pro field, as it sits on Wednesday, October 11.

  • Elias Ishoel – newly signed with the Skogquist Race Team Ski-Doo team, departing Thene Motorsports.
  • Emil Harr – staying with Judnick Racing Polaris on a new contract.
  • Kody Kamm – newly signed with the Judnick Polaris team after the shutdown of Hentges Racing
  • Hunter Patenaude – back with Scheuring Speed Sports  Ski-Doo.
  • Francis Pelletier – newly signed to Thene Motorsports Ski-Doo, departing Warnert Racing.
  • Adam Peterson – back with Team LaVallee Polaris
  • Daniel Benham – signed with Woodies Racing Arctic Cat after racing for the now closed All Finish Racing Team.
  • Cole Cottew – joining Thene Motorsports Ski-Doo team, leaving his family Cottew Racing Polaris effort.
  • Travis Kern – returning with Cottew Polaris team.
  • Gustav Sahlsten – signed with new Elite Motorsports Ski-Doo team after fill-in work with Green Mountain last year.
  • Oskar Norum – signed with KC Motorsports Polaris team after the shutdown of Hentges Racing. Was injured early last season.
  • Jacob Yurk – signed with new Kyllo Racing Team Arctic. Past winner was injured entering first weekend of racing last year on the All Finish Racing Team.

Moving Up From Pro Lite

  • Jordan Lebel – moving up to the Pro division for Warnert Racing Ski-Doo after dominating Pro Lite last year.
  • Ryley Bester – moving up to the Pro division for Team LaVallee Racing Polaris after finishing second in Pro Lite last year.
  • Marcus Ogemar – moving up to the Pro division and switching to One Three Motorsports Ski-Doo after finishing third in Pro Lite last year racing for Thene Motorsports.  

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