Five Hilarious Snowmobile Videos

Other than true high country destinations, we think it’s pretty safe to say that the snowmobile season is now finally wrapping up in most of North America. We know there are a few select areas where riding is still happening in the far north, and yes, we know a bunch of snow fell again yesterday across the heart of Wisconsin. But even in areas where the ground in now again white, despite the calendar reading May, the trails most often have long been closed, and legal riding is done.

So, rather than pouting and just sitting around and waiting for next winter, it’s time to amuse ourselves at the expense of fellow snowmobilers!!

Today’s Friday’s Fast Five features five stupid or silly “fails” by snowmobilers. Our self-made rules: Nothing from racing, and nothing that involves somebody getting hurt. We had a similar post a year ago in May featuring five other hillarious classics: Click here for that story and those links.

1) Showoff Showdown  — Somehow, there’s something very satisfying about seeing somebody who thinks they are really going to “show you how it’s done” on camera but instead turn their sled into parts. That’s the case in with the first link. It starts scary, and ends funny.


2) Call Him “The Natural” — Other times, it’s fun to watch people who are quite obviously completely out of their element. Like this would-be mountain rider.

3) Slip & Slide, & Slide Some More  — Speaking of the mountains, this video has been circulating for a couple of years, and features one of the longest snowmobile crashes we’ve ever seen.

4) Unhelmeted Warrior — There’s also something quite amusing about watching some clown who’s ripping around without his helmet on pay the price.

5) “Crack” then “Oop!” — Sometimes the videos you call up on YouTube have obnoxious music or various obscenities mixed in, so you’ve really got to keep the volume down if you’re at work, or at home where young ears may be close. But other times, the audio is a key part to the humor, including the sound of an impact, and the reaction of the camera holder. Turn it up.


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