Boondocker Staffs Up With Mangum, Marlenee

Idaho-based performance and turbo specialists Boondocker has added some horsepower to its ownership and management team with two additions that it recently announced. Allen Mangum, a  former owner of Timbersled, was added as a 50 percent business partner with Boondocker founder Rocky Young Sr. Also, Steven Marlenee. Below are the two press releases on these moved by Boondocker. 

Mangum Added To Boondocker Management

Allan Mangum

(Idaho Falls, ID) September 29th, 2017: After over 15 years of success and growth, Boondocker, LLC is excited to introduce a new business partner, Allen Mangum, to the management team. Mr. Mangum brings years of industry experience in operations management and fabrication expertise to the performance-loving family at Boondocker

“When I founded this company in 2002, I could only have dreamed of the success I’ve worked so hard to pursue over the last 15 years. We are, again, on track to break our previous sales goals, and it was time to bring someone on that shares my passion for invention and small business. We were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with a person like Allen, who also has been so instrumental in the development of the snowbike and expanding this industry” said Boondocker founder Rocky Young, Sr. He continued, “I look at what Allen has been able to do with Timbersled, and it’s an expertise that fits perfectly into our growth plan”.

Mr. Mangum comes to Boondocker as a 50-percent partner after divesting his previous company, Timbersled, Inc. to Polaris Industries in 2015. “When Rock[y, Sr] first approached me about a potential partnership, I was very interested, especially since we’ve had such a good business relationship over the past decade. Being both a friend and consumer, I’ve always thought Boondocker was one of the coolest companies in the industry, with the absolute best in quality and innovation. It’s somewhere I could see myself, and at the same time, somewhere that I know I could play an impactful role. At my time with Timbersled, we were very proud to have a well-manufactured product, on-time delivery, and a trusted dealer network, all of which, leading to a quality product that could be trusted in the industry. I look to bring that experience to Boondocker, and am very excited for future,” Mr. Mangum said.

Mr. Mangum will retain a role with Timbersled/Polaris as an independent product development consultant, continuing to work with the Timbersled Development Team in Sandpoint, Idaho.


Marlenee Added To Boondocker In Sales & Marketing Role

Steven Marlenee
Steven Marlenee

October 6th, 2017: Boondocker, LLC is pleased to announce that Steven Marlenee has joined the management team in the role of Sales and Marketing Director. Mr. Marlenee will be focused on the development of a Dealer Network and to increase sales and visibility of both new and current products.

Mr. Marlenee brings more than a decade of executive management and sales experience from his previous career in the Energy Industry, where he grew and managed companies ranging from $10 MM – $220MM in annual gross revenue. In his career in the Industry, Mr. Marlenee has extensive experience in the management of sales teams, cost control, financial modeling and team building. Aside from his Oil and Gas career, Mr. Marlenee has had great success running Marlenee Photography where he has attained industry recognition for his images, video and articles focused on off-highway recreation. Mr. Marlenee has also been very active in the politics of public land-use, as a board member of the Colorado Snowmobile Association.

With the previous addition of Allen Mangum, and now with Steven Marlenee, Boondocker has an industry-leading management team and is very well positioned for growth. “We are very excited to see what the future holds for Boondocker and what Steven brings to the table”, said Rocky Young Sr., founder of Boondocker. “Steven’s ability to capture the essence of snowmobiling, along with his ability to develop a strong outside sales team focused on customer service is the perfect fit for Boondocker. Steven embodies the essence of what snowmobiling should be and we’re looking forward to having that addition to our marketing and social media, on top of his management experience”, said partner Allen Mangum

Mr. Marlenee expands, “While my focus is the implementation of a high quality, well-respected dealer network, I want to remember where I came from, and the creation of high-quality content lends itself very well to this new position. Every product at Boondocker is really ‘cool’. Everyone wants better performance and reliability, and the adventures of those that accept the challenges of the backcountry lend themselves, very well, to a unique story, and I want to integrate that into the Boondocker marketing campaign. This content is also a unique intangible that we can now offer our athletes and dealers.” He continues, “For me, this is a dream job, in the center of the western-riding universe. It is also my vision to better leverage some of the best athletes in the industry, those who are already choosing to ride for Boondocker. To me, that says a lot, when someone like Dan Adams or Chris Burandt, someone who has the option to ride for any aftermarket provide out there, when those guys are choosing Boondocker, you know the product exceeds expectations”.

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