2024 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R-SX Details Released

2024 Arctic Cat ZR600 R-SX
2024 Arctic Cat ZR600 R-SX

With the snowmobile snocross season just weeks away, Arctic Cat has finally released some general details on the 2024 ZR 6000 R-SX snowmobile that its racers will use in competition. The level of change compared to the 2023 ZR 6000 R-SX is relatively small, but Cat officials claim they will be impactful.

The first thing that jumps off the page, though, is the fact that the sled will not be in the new-for-2024 Catalyst chassis. The cross-country-focused ZR 600 R-XC is in the new layout. As had been strongly rumored, though, the snocross-specific sled returns in the ProCross layout.

Polaris and Ski-Doo released details on their respective 600-class race sleds in September. Lynx unveiled its race sled more recently, but it won’t be legal to compete in stock classes in North America due to the brand not meeting the standards set by the International Snowmobile Racing (ISR) organization that governs racing.

Inside The Snocross Race Sled

Designers of the 2024 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R-SX primarily focused attention on the skid frame for the second straight year, hoping to give competitors better holeshots and corner speed while also improving overall durability.

2024 Arctic Cat ZR600 R-SX rear suspension
2024 Arctic Cat ZR600 R-SX rear suspension

Based on geometry found on the 2024 ZR 600 R-XC, the updated R-SX skid frame will allow rearward movement of the rear arm within the chassis. According to Cat officials, the more active rear arm will be easier to tune while allowing racers to turn without sacrificing power.

Also, improved track tension will provide a more consistent response through the suspension’s travel, Cat said. 

“Racers will be able to charge through the rhythm sections faster, safer and more controlled compared to any previous SX rear suspension,” the Arctic Cat press materials claimed. “Team Arctic has also adjusted the shock valving for both the front and rear shocks to complement the geometry change.”

2024 Arctic Cat ZR600 R-SX rear suspension rear arm mounting.
2024 Arctic Cat ZR600 R-SX rear suspension rear arm mounting.

The press release also said, “With this updated suspension, racers and teams will see durability improvements on rails and tracks. This design does a better job at keeping the track on the ground and reducing spinning, which results in faster cornering speeds and hole shots.” 

The opening round of the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross series is December 15-16 in Ironwood, Michigan.

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  • Avatar for Viking

    Not in the new platform is a serious concern.

    Is this not the best Attic Cat chassis?

    Is it not as good as they say it is?

    Do they not have enough resources to build the race sled in the new chassis?

    No confidence in the new platform?

    • Avatar for Jerry W

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the motor is mounted so low in the chassis, they are worried it may be damaged if racers case a jump.


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