2015 Polaris

2015 Polaris Snowmobiles: How To Decide Between A Pro-X Or Pro-S

By John Prusak, Editor/Publisher
March 18, 2014

The Axys chassis from Polaris is for real, as in, it’s a real big improvement over the Pro-Ride chassis it replaces. After extensive testing of 2015 Polaris models in the Axys chassis at the 2015 Rode Reports a couple of weeks ago, we can tell you first hand that the Polaris marketing claims of flatter... Read more »

2015 Polaris Axys Test Ride

prusak action

Andy Swanson
March 2, 2014

2015 Polaris Axys Test Ride Snow Goer was invited to test ride the new 2015 Polaris Axys snowmobiles in January, and that ride proved that the new snowmobiles offer major improvements over those same models from the past few years. The 2015 Polaris Switchback, Rush and Switchback Adventure snowmobiles are... Read more »

2015 Snowmobile Sneak Peek: Where To See The New Sleds

Press Release
February 21, 2014

This year, three of the four snowmobile manufacturers will be joining together in the Snowmobile Sneak Peek Tour. Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha will jointly show off their 2015 snowmobile lines, while Arctic Cat is taking a different path, relying on dealer events to display their models. Below is the... Read more »