Polaris sport machines come in three distinct flavors: kid, hot-shot and old reliable.

The 120 returns unchanged from 2006, with the exception of the graphics package. This is the only pint-sized machine to come standard with a flag. Its safety features include a key ignition, an automatic shut-off if the hood is raised, a tether, a kill switch and a rear-axle foot guard. The track measures 10 by 69 by .79 inches.

The SuperSport could go by the name “hotshot,” with its shorty windshield, high handlebars, Pro X2-style seat and handguards. On the convenience side, it has PERC pushbutton reverse and plastic skis. It uses a 15- by 121- by .91-inch Shockwave track.

Old Reliable comes in the form of Polaris’ most stalwart machine, the Indy 500 XC SP. It’s in the EDGE chassis, and offers PERC. It uses a 15- by 121- by .82-inch Lightning track.

Both full-size machines get the new clutch package with the Team Industries LWT secondary clutch.

Front Suspension: EDGE; Shocks/ Travel: Ryde FX HPG IFP/10 inches; Rear Suspension: EDGE; Shocks/ Travel: Ryde FX HPG IFP (front), Nitrex Select (rear)/13.9 inches. Features: This is a trailing arm front suspension and composite skis, tuned for trail riding.

The fan-cooled 550 twin produces 60 hp. It has upgraded NiCaSil cylinders for this year. Emissions have also decreased on this sled while fuel economy has improved.

Liberty 500

The domestic 500 has variable exhaust, digital CDI with a throttle position sensor, and water temperature sensor. It uses flat-slide carbs. The output is 105 hp.

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