Yamaha Releases 2007 Models; Phazer Returns

Yamaha Brings Back Its Phazer

The company has spent the past four model years catering its four-stroke-powered sleds to experienced sledders.

The all-new Phazer breaks the entry-level mold. Upper-class GT models have been expanded to reach more market segments. The Apex RTX gets a rear suspension that’s better suited for its customer.

The Phazer FX is targeted toward 24- to 40-year olds who ride aggressively.
Phazer Goes Four-Stroke

The fan-cooled Phazer disappeared after the 2001 model year. The sled returns for 2007 with an 80 hp liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine. Yamaha calls the new Phazer a “complete redesign of the snowmobile.” The sled is built on the FX chassis with a “sport rider-forward” design. It has a narrow motocross-style seat and wide, tall handlebars for stand-up riders.

The chassis has an integrated chaincase, which simplifies the drivetrain and reduces cost by using fewer parts. The case is capped by a magnesium cover.

The rear end is suspended by the dual shock, torsion spring Pro Active skidframe with a 14- by 121- by 1-inch Rip Saw track. The FX front suspension is supported by extruded aluminum spindles.

Phazers are powered by a new 498cc, twin-cylinder engine called the Genesis 80FI, which is basically a marriage of two Yamaha YZ250F powerplants. The fuel-injected, monoblock powerplant makes max horsepower at 11,250 rpm. It must be fed premium fuel to build peak power.

A gauge cluster is mounted on top of the handlebars that includes a tachometer, speedometer and indicators for the warmers, among other information.

Phazers are available in four versions: Phazer; Phazer GT; Phazer FX and Phazer Mountain Lite. Shocks, ergos and styling differentiate the models. Electric start and push-button, electric shift reverse is standard.

The Phazer FX is targeted toward 24- to 40-year olds who ride aggressively. It has GYT-R piggyback dual compression and rebound clickers up front. The skidframe gets aluminum high pressure gas clickers. The sled also sports color-coordinated handguards.

The Phazer GT includes a tall windshield and comfort-tuned suspensions. It has KYB aluminum shocks up front, a high-pressure gas center shock and a hydraulic gas damper in the rear.

The Phazer is the base model with hydraulic shocks up front and on the rear torque arm. The front arm uses a high-pressure gas damper. It’s available red or blue.

A 2-Up version, called the Venture Lite, is built with the same chassis and engine but includes a storage rack and tall windshield.

The Phazer Mountain Lite has a 14- by 144- by 2 inch Camoplast track. It is suspended by hydraulic gas cell shocks all the way around. Our time on the sled last month proved the machine had good entry-level power and was comfortable for active riders. Power delivery was smooth and throttle response was quick. Look in the upcoming Spring 2006 issue of Snow Goer for more information.

150FI-Powered Sleds

Few changes were made to Apex models. But the Apex RTX gets a significant change to improve its rough trail performance adn tighten up its feel. The Mono Shock RA rear end has been replaced by the Pro Active skidframe.

This dual shock, torsion spring layout is better suited for rough conditions, which RTX riders seek. They want the ability to preload a suspension over moguls and work with the bumps rather than erase them like the Mono Shock. The front end still has Fox FLOAT shocks.


The Apex GT returns with a new mid-height windshield. The Apex ER is unchanged except for updated graphics.

The new Attak GT is marketed is an ultra-premium, rough-trail performance machine. It has the Genesis 150 FI engine and the Mono Shock EC skidframe with an Ohlins electronically controlled shock. The skid is wrapped by a 15- by 136- by 1.25-inch Rip Saw track. The front end gets GYT-R clicker shocks.

Graphics changes are the only updates to the standard Attak.

Genesis 120-Powered Trail Sleds

Yamaha reached reach rough trail riders last season with its Nytro. It returns unchanged with the 120 hp four-stroke engine, stand-up ergos, handguards and Fox FLOAT shocks.

The RS Vector ER and GT are equipped with the Mono Shock rear suspension, but the GT has GYT-R clickers up front. The RS Vector GT includes a zippered handlebar storage bag. The sled has a new medium-height windshield also has a chrome finish.

The ER sticks with the classic Yamaha blue over a new gray bellypan. It’s also available with a black hood that has lightning-like graphics. As does the RS Vector GT, the RS Rage GT gets the Mono Shock RA skidframe and GYT-R shocks, but it rides on a 136-inch track with 1.25-inch lugs. It also gets the zippered handlebar storage bag.

The new RS Venture GT also gets the premium GYT-R front shocks. This 120 hp 2-Up cruiser rides on Pro Comfort skidframe. It has aluminum high pressure gas shocks. A 15-by 144- by 1.25 Rip Saw track moves the sled.

The RS Venture and VK Professional get updated graphics and Midnight Blue paint.

Off Trail

Yamaha bolted on a set of Fox FLOAT shocks to the front of its new Apex Mountain SE.

The RS Vector Mountain SE and RS Vector Mountain also get taller handlebars. The SE has a cargo rack behind the seat.

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