Quebec’s AD Boivin has one entry in the Performance class this year, the Top Gun.

The front and rear suspensions are the same as last year, but the machine got a heart transplant: it now uses the Rotax 800 H.O. PowerTEK engine.

The 800 puts out 140 hp, 25 hp more than the Rotax 600 H.O. engine used last year. It has a single tuned pipe with twin flat-slide carbs.

For the clutch, there’s a TRA III drive and a new HPV VSA 10 driven clutch with a dry cog belt.

The track also grew in length for this year up to 136 inches long and 12 inches wide. The lug height it 2.25 inches.


It’s a tall machine at 48 inches, 32.5 inches wide and 105 inches long. The narrow track has rounded edges for cornering.

The Snow Hawk, which is trail-legal, offers a unique ride compared to the traditional snowmobile. Its feel is much more like a motocross bike.


Front Suspension: Paioli Inverted Fork; Travel: 12 inches; Rear Suspension: Expert Xtreme; Shocks/Travel: KYB rebuildable gas/16 inches; Features: The front suspension is a motocross-style fork and the rear is AD Boivin’s proprietary suspension.


Rotax 800 HO

This engine, made for Ski-Doo, is 799 cc. It creates 140 hp at 8100 rpm. It’s a two-cylinder, liquid-cooled two-stroke. It gives the machine a high power to weight ratio.

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