Ski-Doo MX Z Sport ACE 600

2014 Ski-Doo MX Z Sport ACE 600

The Ski-Doo MX Z Sport ACE 600 is all about high efficiency and long-range fuel economy. With the 600cc dual overhead cam engine, it churns out about 60 hp, and Ski-Doo claims it can achieve up to 27 mpg. The snowmobile comes well equipped with the same track profile and skis as high-end Ski-Doo MX Z models. Fuel is fed through one 42mm throttle body and power flows through the eDrive drive clutch for smooth, efficient operation.

PRICE: $8,049

ENGINE: 600cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, two cylinder


FRONT SUSPENSION: Dual A-arms, Motion Control shocks, 9 inches of travel

REAR SUSPENSION: SC-5, Motion Control shocks, 15 inches of travel

TRACK: 15x120x1-inch, RipSaw

UNIQUE FEATURE: The MX Z Sport even includes hooked handlebars, an electric fuel gauge and a windshield with integrated wind deflectors.

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  • Avatar for Bob Blaszkowski

    Speed of the 600 ACE MXZ has topped out at 80 to 85 mph on a flat out run. How accurate. I do not know, but that is what I read on the speedometer. Gas mileage as high as 30 mpg at 40 to 50 mph on good trails.


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