Snowmobile product testing Woody's Slim Jim Doolys Runners

Slim Jim Doolys are different from conventional dual-runner carbides: picture two ice skate blades set next to each other. Each Slim Jim runner is made from a single, flat plate of steel that is stamped and bent on each edge to form a ‘U’ shaped bar. The edges have pre-formed grooves to accept the cutting carbide and hard weld. Conventional dual-runner bars use a pair of separate host bars that are welded to a flat bar.

The Slim Jim’s taller edges penetrate deeper into the snow, which increases steering effort but improves control. Woody’s aims Slim Jim Doolys to people who like the reduced darting effects of dual-runner wear bars but want more steering control. After running them last season we couldn’t agree more with how they’re positioned.

We ran a set of 6-inch Slim Jim Dooly runners on our 2009 Polaris 800 IQ demo sled that also had 144 studs in the track. Handling performance was best when the sled was on hard-packed trail where the two carbide edges per ski had a firm surface to bite. If we’d have had 6-inch single-runner carbides, the front end would have darted more in these conditions. With the Slim Jim Doolys, it was a non-issue.

We used the carbides through mid-winter trail conditions where trails had good snow cover that was well set-up. Our IQ had good steering control with minimal darting. There was some corner push, too, but less than other dual-runner carbides. Really, it’s a compromise. We enjoyed better handling than a dual-runner bar, but with more corner push than a single-runner carbide.

Would we run Slim Jim Doolys again? Yup, but not on a performance sled. If you are an aggressive rider, stick with single-runner carbides. Slim Jim Doolys are perfect for a Ski-Doo GSX, a 50-something Arctic Cat Twin Spar rider or a Yamaha with nervous front-end handling. The bars are sold individually and are available with 4- ($54.95), 6- ($67.95) or 8-inch ($89.95) sections of cutting carbide.
— Andy Swanson

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