Testing Fulmer's SNM1 Flamethrower modular snowmobile helmet

If you want a high-quality modular helmet, take a close look at the Fulmer SNM1. It goes on and off easily, is comfortable on the head and offers more face and chin room than many other helmets. There’s also a little more room for glasses than in some other helmets I’ve recently worn.

The one-handed chin bar operation and shield opening were better than some other modulars that I’ve tried, too. So ease of use and all-day comfort was definitely better than average. And I had zero fogging even without the electric shield. At almost 4.5-pounds, the SNM1 is one of the heavier helmets I’ve worn recently, but it feels very solid, giving the impression that it would perform well in a crash.

The $259.95 Flamethrower is a variant of Fulmer’s M1 Modus modular street helmet. The snow version is equipped with an effective double lens face shield and a removable breath deflector. Adjustable vents allow fresh air into the chin and forehead of the thermoplastic shell. Fulmer’s QR1 quick-release shield doesn’t require tools for a change, and there aren’t screws that can fall out on the trail. The optional QR1EL electric shield with a two-piece twist-lock cord is $74.95, several bucks less than most others.

The Fulmer Flamethrower helmet is engineered to provide maximum rider visibility in any riding condition. The day-glow orange Trident design commands attention during daylight hours while the moon-glow background is fully reflective for night riding. Fluorescent orange is well established as the best color for visibility while snowmobiling, so Fulmer did well with its color choice. Reflectivity of the Flamethrower is way ahead of anything else we’ve seen short of a light on your helmet, and it has 360-degree reflectivity to protect in every direction.

The SNM1 is available in 10 color choices at a lower price, but if you want to be seen at all times, the Flamethrower is the version that you want. Visibility in all conditions makes this the ideal helmet for ride leaders and tail riders, and it’s a smart choice for the safety of everyone in between, too.

The DOT-certified Flamethrower carries a two-year limited warranty and is available in sizes XS through 2X. Find a dealer on the Fulmer website.
— David Wells

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