Trash Talker Champion Featured in Snow Goer Magazine

Last spring, regulars on the Trash Talkers board on had their own 64-team bracket, ala the NCAA basketball tournament, fitting one regular against another. When it whittled down, there was a champion, and that champion was featured in the October issue of Snow Goer magazine, which mailed this week and will hit newsstands in two weeks. Here’s that text:



When you have a crowd of people who enjoy annoying other people, is it a good thing or a bad thing to be elected as their king? No, this isn’t related to any situations in the Middle East: We’re talking about the 2013 Trasher Bracket Championship on

On the website, there is a forum called “Trash Talkers,” and within that there is a strong group of antagonists who really seem to keep the action going by stirring up good-natured trouble. There is plenty of brand bashing and other snowmobile related chatter on the forum, but many posts are also intended to needle fellow “trashers” about pretty much anything. In March, to mirror the NCAA basketball tournament, a bracket was created to rank and pair-off 64 trashers in a winner-takes-all battle to the end.

When the matches were completed and the votes were all tallied, Scott Smith from Red Lake, Ontario, was the winner. Of course, nobody on the board knows him as Scott Smith — instead, he’s “yea!!yammi,” a guy with a name promoting one brand of sleds, but a habit of riding another brand. He actually rides a 2013 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault and a 2009 Polaris 600 Dragon.

“I used to ride Yamaha over a decade ago — I asked the Trashers if I should change my name as not to confuse anyone,” Smith said. “Most said ‘No,’ and very few seem to forget that I don’t ride Yamahas, except the older senile guys.”

The bracket was somewhat controversial, as it was left up to the voters to decide what criteria they should use to decide who should advance in each one-on-one matchup. Some said that, if somebody was truly a good “trasher” they should have angered enough people over the years that they shouldn’t   get many votes.

Interesting logic, employed of course by people who were voted out of the contest right away!


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