If you subscribe to Snow Goer Magazine, thank you. Whether you’re a new subscriber or one of our many veterans, to us you’re family as well as fellow enthusiasts.

Lately, we have noticed an increase in the number of subscribers who have been contacted by unauthorized agents. In some cases, our subscribers have renewed their subscriptions through these agents, who have cashed their checks and then informed them that Snow Goer is no longer available.
In an effort to protect our subscribers, we are letting you know that all of our renewal notices have a return address of Morris, IL. The name of our magazine is on the renewal notice. We also contact subscribers via e-mail if they have given us permission to do so. Occasionally, we contact subscribers via telephone to get feedback about the magazine, and to offer renewals.
If you receive a notice to renew from Publishers Billing Service, Publishers Billing Emporium, Magazine Payment Services, Dominant Marketing — or similar names — these are not authorized by us. You have no guarantee that your renewal will be processed.
We are doing everything in our power to stop these companies, but they are incredibly difficult to track down. If you are ever contacted by anyone who attempts to renew your subscription to Snow Goer and you are able to obtain a name, location or phone number that we can use, please forward it to Tim Erickson.

4 thoughts on “SUBSCRIBER ALERT

  • Avatar for John Roedel

    I received a subscription renewal notice from Pacific Magazine Billing, PO box 1985. San Marcos, CA. 92079.

    They are calling it a “NOTICE OF RENEWAL”, though I’m not a subscriber to your magazine. They want $73.52 for a two year renewal.

    • Avatar for John Prusak

      That is absolutely, positively a scam and not related to us in any way. So, (1) THANK YOU for passing it along so we can try to weed out that scam artist (2) With that in mind, I’ll pass not note along to our customer service folks.

  • Avatar for Jeffrey Gagnon

    We received one from Publication Processing Syndicate
    1775 W State Street Boise, ID 83702, we did not renew with them as I thought it was a scam.


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