Snowmobiling Photos Bring Back Visions Of Winter

It’s never the wrong time to thing about snowmobiling! Now that the snowmobile season has started for some folks, and the season is right for others who are merely awaiting the arrival of snow, it’s a good time to remind folks to send their best (and worst!) snowmobiling photos to Snow Goer magazine for its wildly popular What’s Hot/What’s Not department.

For 26 of the last 27 years, Snow Goer magazine has dedicated at least one page in each issue to reader-submitted snowmobiling photos in the popular What’s Hot/What’s Not department. It gives fellow snowmobilers a chance to share some of their best moments — and some of their friends’ most embarrassing moments. Over the years, the department has featured plenty of shots of folks at beautiful vistas, standing next to sleds along a beautiful, tree-lined trail or teaching their children about riding. Next to those photos, of course, are images of sleds stuck in deep snow, other machines broken down beside the trail or of a trick gone-wrong. There have plenty of pictures of sleds featured in weddings as well as cats, dogs and infants propped up on the seat of a snowmobile next to dramatic images of people carving up a meadow on a perfect day. And the next photo over will be of somebody who tried to waterskip, and failed miserably. 

The photos below are from the February 2017 issue of Snow Goer magazine, and were submitted by the readers whose names are listed in each caption. To submit your own photo, simply email them to with “What’s Hot” or “What’s Not” in the subject line.



snowmobile photo
Cheeseheads at Two Top Mountain near West Yellowstone, Montana. (submitted by Bruce Misna of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)


snowmobile tied up
What’s the bag limit on broken sleds? (Submitted by Rob Boussum of Crystal Falls, Michigan)


kids snowmobile
Customized Fun! “My three granddaughters are ready for winter on my kitty Cat and the customized Kitty Cutter I hand-built for them,” says Gus Vivenzio of Auburn, New York.


snowmobile in New Hampshire
Overlooking Second Connecticut Lake near Pittsburg, New Hampshire. (Submitted by Russell McBride of Niskayuna, New York)


stuck snowmobile
“I went braaap, but my Cat took a nap.” (Image submitted by Andy Adams of Sanford, Maine. Caption suggested by Jeff noon on the Snow Goer magazine Facebook page.)


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