Snowmobile Engines Used To Power Airplanes

This photo shows Yamaha's Genesis 120 snowmobile engine fastened to power an airplane.If seeing is believing, then we have reason to believe that a pilot trusts the Yamaha Genesis 120 snowmobile engine to the point that it powers an airplane.

While it’s no secret that Rotax fan-cooled engines have a long history in small and ultralight private experimental aircraft, this the first time we remember hearing about a Yamaha four-stroke snowmobile engine application.

Tim Engle, sales manager for St. Joseph, Minnesota’s Bee Line Yamaha, sent us the photo he found in an online search from the website. The photo clearly shows Yamaha’s Genesis 120 carbureted engine installed on the Zenith company’s Zodiac XL airplane.

Arctic Cat factory wrench Al Shimpa is in the final stages of scratch building his own plane using an Arctic Cat 660 turbo snowmobile engine for power.

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