Vintage Snowmobile Ad Tuesday: Ruggedly Handsome, Steadfastly Dependable

With a tagline of “man’s best friend in the snow,” the ad for the 1974 Boa-Ski brand of snowmobiles from Alsport Inc. featured a leaping St. Bernard behind the glimmering SS 440. “Ruggedly handsome; steadfastly dependable” — it sounds like a description of the Snow Goer staff (or, maybe not)! In another ad of this era that was targeted at dealers, Alsport claimed to have a 785-day selling season: 365 days a year for its Tri-Sport three wheeler, 210 days for its Alsport/Steen motorcycles, and 180 days for Alsport/Boa-Ski snowmobiles. Heck, with a corporate plan like that, it’s amazing the company isn’t still around and bigger than Honda! Now, all we have left is memories of the Boa-Ski line and the occassional sighting at a vintage snowmobile show.

Enjoy the ad. We’ll post another vintage ad next Tuesday, and every Tuesday for the foreseeable future, as we have an office full of old magazines packed with interesting promotional material. To see this ad in its full glory, simply click on the photo below and it will blow up to a larger size on your screen.

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