New Arctic Cat Coming?

We’re hearing rumors about a new snowmobile from Arctic Cat being that might be unveiled at Haydays next month. While it’s common for the company to release information about its race sled at the annual grass drag event in Columbus, Minn., based on what we’ve heard lately, there could be more than one machine released — perhaps one for consumer use.
If that’s the case, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the company put out a consumer model based on its latest 600cc Sno Pro racer.
Last year’s 600 Sno Pro race sled wasn’t far from trail friendly thanks to factory efforts on the cross-country race series. Frankly, we were surprised — if not disappointed — that Cat didn’t unveil a consumer model last spring based on the Sno Pro.
With a stronger buzz than last year for sleds to be released under the Arctic Cat canopy Sept. 6 at Haydays, this will be the year to stay close to the Arctic Cat compound for an exciting new sled. Stay close to for further developments.

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