Fact: Snowmobiling through trees and deep snow is fun.

Fact (fakt) n. The state of things as they are; reality; actuality; truth

While some politicians and O.J. Simpson might have their own tale about where tax dollars were spent or how an incriminating chain of events actually went down, it’s hard to argue with facts. The sky is blue. Bowling balls don’t float. Justin Bieber sucks.

Facts can be fun and easy to absorb, especially if they’re about something interesting — like snowmobiling! Here’s a list of fun facts about snowmobiling and snowmobilers that you can bring up the next time you’re with snowmobiling friends and family. All information comes from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association website.

1. Snowmobile Trails — There are 230,000 miles of marked snowmobile trails in the United States and Canada; usually developed by clubs in cooperation with state, provincial and local governments. The state with the most extensive trail network? Wisconsin has 25,000 miles of snowmobile trails. Click to find snowmobile clubs in your state.

2. Trail Access — Whether by road or from their front door, the way in which snowmobilers access the trail is nearly evenly split. Fifty-three percent of snowmobilers usually trailer their sleds to go riding, while 47 percent either snowmobile from their primary residence or have a vacation home where they store and use their snowmobiles.

3. Big Business — Snowmobiling is a $22 billion business in the United States and $6 billion in Canada. The industry is responsible for more than 90,000 full-time jobs related to manufacturing, dealerships and tourism. Snowmobilers spend, on average, $4,000 per year on snowmobile recreation, and they raised $3.2 million for charity in 2010-11.

4. Sales Are Up! — There were 129,087 new snowmobiles sold worldwide in 2012, which is 6,000 more than was sold in 2011. The United States accounted for 48,689 and Canada 40,165. Other significant 2012 snowmobile sales were in Europe and Russia.

5. Average Joe Snowmobiler — The average snowmobiler rides 920 miles per year, is 43 years old and has an annual household income of $65,000. Breakdown by gender is 75 percent male, 25 percent female.


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