2025 Ski-Doo: The Wait Is Almost Over

We’ve just started calendar-year 2024, yet 2025 is already calling for our attention. Especially if you’re a snowmobiler interested in the 2025 Ski-Doo sleds!

     In January, Arctic Cat unveiled its 2025 model lineup to much fanfare. And now? Within the next week we’ll all learn what BRP has in its 2025 Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobile lines.

     There’s been a fair amount of speculation online, and a few mysterious photos have been floating around. Some photos look like they could be real; others are clearly outlandish computer-generated drawings of unrealistic machines.

     For the more realistic-looking images – like one showing a logo of an Expedition with electronic power steering – some folks have guessed they aren’t just leaks but rather “plants” by Ski-Doo personnel. Others have noted that such graphics would be easy for any Joe Nobody to create digitally.

     Two things we know are absolutely true: (1) We frankly have no idea what’s real or not at this point. We’re honestly just speculating like many of you. And (2) we’ll all find out next week.

     In fact, Team Snow Goer and a special guest are headed to Quebec on Sunday. We will be able to report details on our social media channels early next week – two days before Ski-Doo puts the information on its own website.

The 2025 Ski-Doo Contest

Ski-Doo must have a few interesting things up its sleeves because they’re pulling together a unique event in Quebec.

     The brand worked with three select media brands – Snow Goer, SnowTrax TV and SnoWest – on a promotion where we were each allowed to bring a consumer with us to the introductory event. That consumer, the chosen media brands and some Ski-Doo ambassadors will get to share the Ski-Doo information early.

     For the Snow Goer part of the Ski-Doo promotion, we were to focus on finding a U.S.-based trail rider who was active on social media and was a Ski-Doo enthusiast and/or who has a deep history with the brand. Contestants were to create a video telling why they would be perfect for the opportunity.

Our 2025 Ski-Doo Contestant

Alia Brown Gervasi age 12
Alia started snowmobiling as a pre-teen in Upstate New York. This image is from when she was 12 years old.

Our “winner” is Alia Brown Gervasi, a third-generation snowmobiler from New York with an interesting story to tell. Alia has pictures of her grandparents, parents, herself and now her own children enjoying the sport of snowmobiling.

     “There’s nothing like snowmobiling,” Alia stress in her entry video. “It has been one of the greatest joys of my life.”

     Her history with the sport and Ski-Doo dates back to the mid 1980s. Her father allowing her to ride a 1973 Ski-Doo T’NT – a “Silver Bullet” – around the family farm property when she was 8.

     “He’d pack down a track for me, and I’d ride and ride and ride until I got stuck or ran out of gas,” Alia said. She recalls taking a snowmobile safety course in February of 1989 at age 12 so she could be trail-legal, and then taking her first trail ride on her grandfather’s 1972 Olympique.

     “That only lasted a couple of trips before I knew I needed a better snowmobile,” she said with a laugh. Alia recalls going on longer and longer trail rides with her father, his employees and later with her friends as her skills developed. “I was the only girl that was allowed to go [with her group of friends] at that point because I could keep up and could work on my own sled.”

Alia Brown Gervasi
Alia now shares her love of the sport with a fourth generation of riders in her family. Here she’s pictured on a ride with her son.

     That led to short snocross racing career. She competed in events on the Rock Maple, CSRA and ASRA circuits. Her mother’s diagnosis with breast cancer, though, led Alia to add charity to her snowmobiling lifestyle.

     “I remember driving home from the Big East Show and thinking about how there were walks and runs and whatnot for various causes. So why not have a snowmobile event?”

When she got home, an online search led her to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snowmobile Run in Ontario. She immediately became a volunteer. And that led her to teaming up with the famous Jody McKay on launching the first Pink Ribbon Riders ride in her home state of New York.

     She still participates in both the Kelly Shires and the New York Pink Ribbon Riders events. In fact, she’ll be coming straight to Quebec from the Pink Ribbon Riders event in Old Forge this year.


What To Expect

Alia said she’s thrilled to visit Quebec, absorb Ski-Doo culture in the brand’s hometown and see the 2025 Ski-Doos first.

      “Also, being around like-minded people who are as enthusiastic about the sport as I am is exciting to me,” she said. We know from experience that she won’t find more passionate snowmobilers anywhere in the world than in Valcourt, Quebec!

     Alia will be “reporting” on the 2025 Ski-Doos on her social media pages starting on Tuesday, February 20. It should be particularly interesting to see what most intrigues Alia and the other consumer contest winners vs. the traditional snowmobile media hacks. Look for her reports – and our own, of course! – on Tuesday.

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