USI SS Railers Snowmobile Ski Review

Ultimate Sports Inc. SS Railer skis have a base unique to USI. They have eight steps on the bottom of the ski blade, similar to a step-bottom hydroplane boat. USI boasts a 2 to 4 mph speed increase due to reduced friction. USI claims the stepped keel design hides the front of the wear bar to reduce drag and virtually eliminate darting, too.

The skis are definitely aggressive. Coupled with the deep, aggressive keel and the front-end heft of our Mach Z, steering effort was extreme. The heavy front end of the snowmobile caused the most steering effort we’ve ever felt on a snowmobile.

One driver commented, “I drove the machine for 100 miles, and I felt like I had been lifting weights all day.”

Lengthening the limiter strap would certainly affect the amount of steering pressure, but not eliminate the overly aggressive steering.

The skis stuck to the trail and held their line well. At times, though, they stuck so well the machine tipped up in corners. They also caused the rear end of the sled to feel loose, despite there were 168 studs in the track.

The USI SS Railers are an aggressive performance ski that would be a better match for machines with less front-end weight. Machines in better balance would have a corner-push problem resolved with the Railers, but should expect added steering effort as a result.

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